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SCAPPS Executive Nominees

The following individuals have been nominated for the positions on the Executive committee that are open this year. Nominations for other interested individuals “from the floor” of the AGM will be accepted. Below you will find the list and short bios of the nominees.


1. President-Elect:

* Krista Chandler (University of Windsor)

I am a Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Windsor. I first developed an appreciation for SCAPPS as an outlet for exploring innovative research and networking while working toward my Ph.D. (Western) under the supervision of SCAPPS Fellow, Craig Hall. I share my enthusiasm for this organization with my own graduate students – many of whom are active members in our organization. In addition to my previous role as a Director, I have attended and presented papers at almost every SCAPPS Conference since 1994. I am the professional practice editor of The Sport Psychologist and serve on the editorial board of several academic journals. Ideas for discussion include an online directory of SCAPPS members, and an expert panel discussion with the Tri-Council agencies.

* Chris Shields (Acadia University)

I am a professor in the School of Kinesiology at Acadia University. My research falls within the area of exercise psychology having done work in physical activity in chronic disease management, body-image concerns, and youth sport. I have been going to SCAPPS since the late 90s, have helped to organize the annual conference twice and have recently served on the SCAPPS executive as a member at large. I would like to see SCAPPS be an organization that not only serves as a vehicle for academic exchange but also one that works to disseminate and promote the expertise of its members to the professional groups that may benefit most.


2. Secretary-Treasurer:

* Tony Carlsen (University of Ottawa)

I am currently an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. My research focuses on how the human motor system prepares and initiates movements. I completed my PhD at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Dr. Ian Franks in 2008, and spent two years as a post-doc at Northwestern University in Chicago. I have spent the past two years as Secretary Treasurer for SCAPPS and my goal is to make sure SCAPPS can maintain a stable, and long-term financial well-being. When I’m not in the lab, you can find me out pounding the pavement desperately trying to keep my running endurance / speed edge over my grad students.


3. Student-Representative:

* April Karlinsky (University of British Columbia)

I am a PhD candidate in Dr. Nicola Hodges’ Motor Skills Lab, within the University of British Columbia’s School of Kinesiology. My research focuses on motor learning within a social context, examining the mechanisms and effects of practicing novel motor skills with a partner. I am interested in serving as the Student Representative, because I want to help provide students with an enjoyable, meaningful, and memorable SCAPPS 2016. I would look forward to building upon the very positive initiatives put in place by our previous representatives and to soliciting students’ suggestions on how to make their conference experience even better.

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