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Early Abstract Reminder

Friendly reminder that first authors of abstract submissions received by 11:59pm on June 15, 2021 will be entered into a raffle to win one of two gift certificates valued at $100 for Human Kinetics Publishers. Get yours in early and be one of those winners! [Submit here!]

Guidelines for submission:

  • Indicate whether the abstract is based on a full-data set or partial-data set. Remember that we are accepting partial-data sets at time of submission but expect a full-data set at the conference (actually, to be honest, two weeks before conference). A reminder email will be sent on September 14 to those with partial-data sets as a reminder to update abstracts by October 1.
  • Word limit for abstracts is 250 words.
  • List all authors by providing full names and affiliated institutions in the boxes provided.
  • The titles of the talk should follow the format as per example below (borrowed from Tim Welsh):

The magnitude of coordinated whistling and hand tapping while listening to music increases self-efficacy and group cohesion: Evidence for the common Canuck hypothesis.

Anne Murray (University of Somewhere), Stan Rogers (University of Anywhere), and Gordon Lightfoot (University of Everywhere)


Looking forward to those early submissions!

Organizationally yours,

Diane Ste-Marie

On behalf of the SCAPPS organizing committee

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