Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology | Société Canadienne D'Apprentissage Psychomoteur et de Psychologie du Sport

Brawley and Elliott Award for Excellence in Supervision and Mentorship

Nomination Guidelines

The SCAPPS conference has been an outstanding knowledge dissemination forum since 1969. More importantly, SCAPPS has showcased Franklin Henry Young Scientist Award winners, who are outstanding research trainees. Many more outstanding trainees have benefited from the rich scholarly environment provided by the SCAPPS conference. These outstanding students have been trained by excellent mentors and supervisors. As a result, the SCAPPS Executive would like to recognize faculty members, who have provided their students with exceptionally good supervision and mentoring. These supervisors and mentors may have positively influenced their trainees through research training and/ or other efforts that enhanced the career paths of the trainees. As a result, the trainees are moving onto a productive career and exhibiting high quality work. The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding supervisors and mentors who have helped SCAPPS trainees develop. The number of faculty members to be recognized each year should be equal to or less than 2.5% of the number of Professional SCAPPS members on that given year. A Professional SCAPPS member can only receive the award once and must be present at the Annual General Meeting to formally receive the award.

The process to nominate a supervisor/ mentor requires filling a nomination ballot (see attached) accompanied by two (2) support letters from former trainees. The nominee must accept the nomination, provide a short CV that includes a list of trainees (including details regarding SCAPPS presentation), register for the conference, and attend the conference, including the Annual General Meeting. The nomination package should be sent to the SCAPPS Past-President at least 6 weeks before the first day of the annual conference.. The Past-President will ask at least two (2) reviewers to assess the applications and adjudicate the appropriate number of awards.

Each SCAPPS Graduate Supervisor Award will include a plaque/ certificate as well as a formal letter of recognition. The SCAPPS Graduate Supervisor Awards will be made public at the Annual General Meeting.


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Inaugural Recipients

2019 Ian Franks | Kathleen Martin Ginis