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Calls for papers for two special issues of the journal Movement and Sport Sciences

Call for papers – Special issue of the Movement & Sport Sciences

1. Emotions and regulation within interpersonal and intergroup sport contexts

Over the past few years, we have seen the beginning of an upward shift in the theoretical and methodological challenges investigated by researchers in the field of emotions in sport. This special issue aims at providing an opportunity for researchers to propose innovative contributions participating to advance knowledge about the complexity of emotional processes in interpersonal and/ or intergroup sport contexts. A particular attention will be paid to works involving psychosocial variables, or original ground-breaking methods as well as literature reviews.

Deadline: May 30th 2018

2. New Directions in the Study of Expertise in Sport and exercise Science


The proposed special issue will contain contributions from scientists in the fields of perceptual-motor control, skill acquisition and related research areas. Submissions are encouraged to reflect a New perspective that has the potential to stimulate original directions in the field of Expertise research. It is anticipated that submissions will focus on a research topic where a consensus of opinion has not yet been reached. Each submission will require the author(s) to detail how their perspective offers new conceptual, theoretical and research directions. Opinion pieces as well as original research can be submitted as part of the Special Issue.

Deadline: 15th June, 2018

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