Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology | Société Canadienne D'Apprentissage Psychomoteur et de Psychologie du Sport


President Elect

Term: 2019-2020
Responsibilities: Prepare to take over duties as SCAPPS president

Tanya Berry (University of Alberta)

Term: 2018-2020
Responsibilities: Provide strategic direction; Organize executive meetings (~4 per year); chair AGM; Adjudicate Fellow nominations

Past President

Term: 2018-2020
Responsibilities: Manage adjudication of Franklin Henry Young Scientist Award (FHYSA) and moderate FHYSA session/award certificates; Liaise with local conference organizing committee

Secretary Treasurer
Tony Carlsen (University of Ottawa)

Term: 2017-2019
Responsibilities: Manage financial accounts and deals with financial aspects of annual conference

Melanie Gregg (University of Winnipeg)

Term: 2018-2020
Responsibilities: Maintain minutes of meetings; Liaise with webmaster; Provide general communication to SCAPPS members via e-mail listserve

Director: Sport/Exercise Psychology
Mary Jung (University of British Columbia - Okanagan)

Term: 2018-2020
Responsibilities: Adjudicate FHYSA – Sport/Exercise Psychology

Director: Motor Learning/Control
Liz Sanli (Memorial University)

Term: 2018-2020
Responsibilities: Adjudicate YSA, Motor Learning/Control

Student Representative
Stevie Foglia (McMaster University)

Term: 2018-2019
Responsibilities: Provide student-centered feedback to executive; Liase with student members; Maintain/administer Facebook page

Past SCAPPS Presidents

2016-2018    Chris Shields
2014-2016    Luc Tremblay
2012-2014    Tim Welsh
2010-2012    Nick Holt
2008-2010    Joe Baker
2007-2008    Gord Binsted
2006-2007    John Spence
2005-2006    Brian Maraj
2004-2005    Patti Weir
2003-2004    Daniel Weeks
2002-2003    Peter Crocker
2001-2002    Diane Ste-Marie
2000-2001    Luc Proteau
1999-2000    Wendy Rodgers
1998-1999    Eric Roy

1997-1998    Digby Elliott
1996-1997    Janice Deakin
1995-1996    Janet Starkes
1994-1995    Peter Crocker
1993-1994    Sandy Romanow
1992-1993    Dave Goodman
1991-1992    Tim Lee
1990-1991    John Dickinson
1989-1990   Luc Proteau
1988-1989    Craig Hall
1987-1988    Ian Franks
1986-1987    John Albinson
1985-1986    Claude Alain
1984-1985    Jim McClements
1982-1983    Jack Leavitt
1983-1984   Robert Kerr
1981-1982    Wayne Halliwell
1980-1981    Sue Moxley
1978-1979    Peter Klavora
1977-1978    Barry Kerr
1976-1977    John Salmela
1975-1976    John Salmela
1974-1975    Brent Rushall
1973-1974    Gary Sinclair
1972-1973    Ian Williams
1971-1972    Ronald Marteniuk
1970-1971    Jack Leavitt
1969-1970    Robert Wilberg (unofficial)