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Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI) seeks a scientist to join its expanding program in movement science and to help build the next generation of translational neuroscience/neurorehabilitation research. Applicants with an interest in translational research and a background in motor control, motor learning, neuroimaging, computational neuroscience, theory-guided clinical intervention research, or a related field particularly as applied to neurologic populations are encouraged to apply.  Rank is open; early career investigators with postdoctoral research training and evidence of grant-writing experience, as well as mid-career and senior scientists, are welcome to apply. We offer a competitive start-up package, and ongoing salary support is available. MRRI is known internationally for its theory-driven program of basic and applied neurorehabilitation research.  The institute scientist position at MRRI is a full-time independent research position that is comparable to a university faculty position. The primary expectation is that applicants will develop and direct an independent program of research in the movement science domain. The research program may fall anywhere along the translational continuum from understanding basic mechanisms of motor learning, performance, and/or recovery to theory-based treatment advancement in rehabilitation.

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Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

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