Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology | Société Canadienne D'Apprentissage Psychomoteur et de Psychologie du Sport

Oral Presentations

Speaker Presentation Instructions*

General overview. The conference begins October 15th with oral presentations for free communications in the three main areas of SCAPPS occurring October 20-22, 2021. All speakers are to pre-record their presentations, and be available for ‘live’ Q&A during the scheduled session at the conference. This decision was made to minimize technical errors during the conference and was strongly recommended by others who have hosted virtual conferences.

Presentation format: All presentations will be pre-recorded and are to be submitted by September 9th, 2021. To pre-record your presentation, you can use the video recording function of PowerPoint, or Zoom, but you must save your presentation as a .mp4 video. We also ask that you use the video function so that a visual of yourself delivering the talk can be seen at the same time as your slide presentation. Technical guidance on how to do this in Zoom can be found here (this link takes you to a person with a zoom account set up at their institution; we are relying on the fact that you also have an institutional account for Zoom) and in PowerPoint can be found here. Since you will need to upload your verbal presentation (in .mp4 format) to YouTube (more details below), please only include information in your presentation that is ready for public consumption. We also discourage the use of copywritten material in your presentation, as it may get flagged by YouTube. This includes using figures from one of your own previous publications, which are typically owned by the publisher.

Presentation length: The presentations are to be 8 minutes. The Q&A sessions will be 4 minutes (allowing for 12 minutes per talk). For the most part, the plan is to have one-hour sessions with 5 presentations per session.

Where and how to upload your video presentation:

  • Where: Please upload your video presentation to YouTube. You can do this through your university-affiliated account (you may already have a YouTube account if your university uses the Gmail platform for email) or your personal account. For guidance on how to create a personal YouTube account, click here. For guidance on how to upload your presentation to YouTube from your computer or smartphone, click here.
  • Please provide the YouTube link on this by September 9th, 2021:
  • Title: Once your video is uploaded on YouTube, please title it using your last name followed by “SCAPPS2021”. For example: Law, SCAPPS2021

Visibility: To ensure the technical team can find/access to your video to play during the conference, please make sure your video is “Public” or “unlisted” when uploading your video. Do not use Private. Here is more information about these selections:

  1. If you select “public” anyone (in the world, hypothetically) will be able to find your presentation video by searching YouTube or Google (or other search engine).
  2. If you select “unlisted”, then only people who are given your YouTube video link can access your presentation video – it will not come up in any YouTube or Google (or other) search.
  3. If you select “private”, we will not be able to access your submission!
  4. Also, if you want, feel free to delete your video permanently off of YouTube following the conference.

Viewing duration: Please keep your video on YouTube and available for viewing from the September 9 deadline until October 22, 2021. We will be offering conference attendees (i.e., anyone who has paid for registration) access to the presentations from the first day of the conference (October 15, 2021) until the end of the conference to support an asynchronous conference experience.

Questions: If you have questions about how to create your video or the process to upload your video to YouTube, please contact Frank Ely at

Conference platform: The conference will be hosted on a platform called WHOVA ( More details on the specifics of using this platform will be provided ahead of the conference.

*The SCAPPS organization would like to thank the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity for sharing their conference preparation content with us which helped to prepare this document.