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PhD studentship opportunities, Ulster University, Belfast

Three funded PhD studentship opportunities will be available in 2020 at Ulster University in Belfast
Funding is £15,000 GBP (~$25,500 CAD) per annum for three years plus a £900 GBP (~$1,500 CAD) research development stipend
Application deadline is February 7th 2020

Title: Mental Health in Sport: Development and validation of a measure of mental health in athletes
Supervisory team: Kyle Paradis, Mark Tully, Gillian Shorter, Gavin Breslin

Title: I get by with a little help from my friends: Assessing the social environment in sport and the influence of group dynamics on mental health and well-being in athletes
Supervisory team: Kyle Paradis, Gavin Breslin, Noel Brick, Stephen Shannon

Title: Developing enjoyable and engaging group based exercise programs for older adults: a feasibility study
Supervisory Team: Mark Tully, Nicole Blackburn, Kyle Paradis

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