Predicting high school teacher-coaches' job satisfaction


In Canada, high school athletic programs rely on the efforts and initiatives taken by high school teachers. These "teacher-coaches" coach sports teams outside of their regular academic responsibilities, and volunteer to ensure the success of their school's athletic program. Previous research suggests that involvement in extra-curricular activities is associated with increased job satisfaction for teachers; however, limited research has examined specific aspects of the coaching experience and how these may impact teacher-coaches' job satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to examine high school teacher-coaches' impressions of the quality of their relationships with their athletes, as well as their self-efficacy towards coaching, and how this relates to their reported teaching satisfaction. The sample was comprised of 2949 teacher-coaches, representing all of the Canadian provinces and territories, who participated in a national survey on their experiences. The results showed that teachers who reported increased commitment, closeness, and complementary with their athletes (coach-athlete relationship questionnaire) and increased self-efficacy towards coaching in terms of developing motivation, game strategy, technique, character, and physical conditioning (Coaching Efficacy Scale), reported higher teacher satisfaction (Teacher Satisfaction Scale). The model was tested using structural equation modeling and had a good fit (?2 (63) = 614.08, p < .001, SRMR = .044, CFI = .967, TLI = .959, RMSEA = .054 CI95 [.050, .058]). Alternative models were also explored and invariance testing for gender and teaching subject was also conducted. Overall, the results support that positive coach-athlete relationships, along with self-efficacy for coaching, predict increased teacher satisfaction.

Acknowledgments: This research was conducted in with the assistance of an Insight Development Grant from SSHRC and Sport Canada through the Sport Participation Research Initiative.