Test-retest reliability of a new tool assessing car-driving-related motor skills in adults living with physical disabilities


Introduction: Becape Light is a tool designed for assessing car-driving-related motor skills. It is composed of commercial steering wheel (SW) and pedals (Logitech G27) connected to a desktop computer hosting a home-made software. Becape Light has been conceived to serve as a simple clinical evaluation tool. It evaluates 6 tests/skills: brake reaction time, braking maximal force, force on the SW, SW maintaining, SW and pedals modulations. The aim of this study is to assess its test-retest reliability. Methods: Test-retest sessions (intervals: 2-7 days) with adults with and without disabilities and semi-structured interviews with each of them and occupational therapists to assess the usability of Becape light for detecting driving-specific physical disabilities. Results: Preliminary results were obtained in 22 participants (16 males) aged between 19 and 74 years. Eleven are healthy and 11 have physical incapacities [stroke (5), rheumatoid arthritis, motor dysfunction following a traffic injury or inflammatory disease (3), fall, spine surgery]. Intraclass correlations (ICC(2,1)) show moderate (.38) to high (.90) reliability for the majority of tests (17/27 variables)(p<.05). Mean test-retest differences were significant in only 6/27 variables showing insignificant biases in the majority of tests, hence high test-retest reliabilities, except SW maintaining and SW modulation. Most of participants reported that Becape light is comfortable and has user-friendly visual instruction and graphical interface and suggest reducing the wheel sensitivity and pedalling stiffness. Conclusion: Becape shows moderate to good test-retest properties. Data collection is still in progress. This study will help optimise the development of a last version of Becape Light.

Acknowledgments: Funding : Center for Resources and Innovation Mobility & Handicap (CEREMH) and Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation and Social Integration (CIRRIS)