Creating meaningful research and innovation partnerships in high performance sport: An overview


A network of centres and institutes across the provinces, labeled Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Centres and Institutes Network (COPSIN) are charged with the development of high performance sport in Canada. This is accomplished through three primary mechanisms including: Applied practice and service delivery to user groups, research and innovation, and coaching development. Within COPSIN, research and innovation of sport psychology concepts (e.g., talent development) and practices (i.e., evidence-based interventions) are grossly underdeveloped compared to other sport science disciplines. The purpose of this symposium is to initiate dialogue and create meaningful partnerships for research and innovation among academic researchers and applied practitioners interested in working in Canadian high performance sport. A series of presentations will inform and explore (a) the gaps in the current approach to sport psychology research and innovation work within the COPSIN network (including financial, human capital, and discipline related limitations), (b) the nature of applied service delivery to elite Canadian athletes in the high performance environments (i.e., the scope of applied practice for mental performance consultants and sport psychologists), and (c) the questions and issues that are of topical interest for COPSIN user groups (i.e., athletes, coaches, and sport science practitioners) and are most likely to receive funding from financial partners. The intent of the symposium is to encourage a win-win situation for high performance sport and advancement of the field of applied sport psychology.