Member characteristics and engagement in an e and m-health physical activity promotion program: Uwalk alberta


UWALK is a multi-strategy, community-wide, e and m-Health physical activity promotion program in Alberta, Canada. Funding for the program commenced in February 2013 and finished on March 31, 2016. The official launch, including the launching the UWALK website took place on September 20, 2013. The purpose of this presentation is to provide a descriptive overview of UWALK member demographics and engagement with UWALK website features. At the completion of the funding period, the UWALK website accumulated a total of 16,061 registered members who logged a cumulative total of 5,230,677,746 steps. Of the UWALK registered members 10,242 met the criteria to be included in the current analysis. The average age of members was 45 (SD 13) years old, the majority of which were female (79%). Among active website users (n = 6,992) participants logged steps an average of 62 (SD 104) days and logged an average of 8,700 (SD 5,371) steps per logged day. Additionally, 74% participated in one or more interactive challenges, 69% were a member of a community, 32% were a member of a team and 13% added another member as online 'friend' on the UWALK website. Finally, a small number of members (n = 822) synchronised and automatically uploaded activity data from electronic activity monitors to their UWALK profile. Modest engagement with the website was achieved, however future research should further explore website usability and users preferences. Overall, UWALK has demonstrated promising potential for population level dissemination, as initial evidence suggests the program can provide a wide reach.

Acknowledgments: Alberta Centre for Active Living