Participation in physical activity and movement-related activities: Top priority for adults living with COPD


Background: Adults living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have decreased participation in daily/social activities due in part to their burden of disease. The purpose of the study was to describe the participation levels in 26 daily/social activities among adults with COPD. Methods: Adults living with COPD (N=177; Mage=68.1, SD=8.9) responded to an online questionnaire where they reported their participation in 26 daily/social activities by selecting one of four options: (a) yes, I participate as much as I want; (b) yes, but less than I want; (c) no, but I would like to do it; and (d) no, and I don't want to do it. Percent predicted forced expiratory volume in 1-sec (FEV1%pred) was used to divide the sample into four quartiles of disease severity. Results: Nearly 20% more adults in the mild group participated in activities as much as they wanted compared to the very severe group (58% vs. 38%; ?2(1)=3.45, p=0.06). Participants reported wanting to increase their participation the most in physical activity and movement-related activities. Walking up a hill was the activity that adults in the mild (69%), moderate (76%) and severe groups (71%) wanted to do more. However, 91% and 76% of adults in the very severe group wanted to participate more in regular exercise and high intensity in-home activities respectively. Conclusions: Regardless of disease severity, individuals with COPD wanted to increase their participation in physical activity and movement-related activities. Community-based physical activity programs could focus on addressing these patient-reported priorities for participation in daily/social activities.

Acknowledgments: The author would like to acknowledge that this study was supported my an Investigator Initiated Grant from AstraZeneca Canada.