An exploration of Indigenous Peoples' perspectives of physical literacy


Over recent years the concept of physical literacy has gained popularity within physical education, sport policy, practice, and research settings. Although researchers have suggested that physical literacy is beneficial to the general population, the cultural relevance of physical literacy is not well understood. The purpose of this research was to explore Indigenous peoples' perspectives of physical literacy. Eleven Indigenous educators, coaches, and youth mentors participated in this community-based participatory research. Data was generated through one-on-one and sharing circle interviews, and transcripts were analyzed using a content analysis. Findings are represented by five themes: (a) wisdom sharing (b) being mindful in teachings, (c) youth-centered approaches, (d) culture and spirituality as part of being active for life, and (e) supporting factors. Findings from this research may support future physical education and sport initiatives that are inclusive of, and meaningful to, Indigenous youth.