Conceptualizing and measuring interpersonal communication styles in sport and physical activity


I will start my talk by providing a historic overview of conceptual and measurement developments in the self-determination theory (SDT; Ryan & Deci, 2017) field in terms of interpersonal styles of communication. I will describe the initial distinction between autonomy supportive and controlling styles, and how this was expanded more recently to cover the support and thwarting of all three psychological needs described in the SDT literature. The second part of my talk will cover research on the development and validation of self-report and observational instruments that reflect tripartite models of interpersonal style. These models include need indifferent interpersonal styles, in addition to need supportive and need thwarting ones. Research in sport and exercise settings testing this tripartite conceptualization will be discussed. The third and last part of my talk will outline recent classifications of specific communication styles that can be used for intervention work in sport and physical activity.