A partnered approach to designing and developing an online training platform for diabetes prevention program coaches


Introduction. Small Steps for Big Changes (SSBC) is a diabetes prevention program that aims to empower individuals with prediabetes to make diet and exercise changes. Previously, SSBC coaches have been trained through a 3-day in-person workshop. In order to improve SSBC's reach, an online platform is necessary to train coaches in a less resource-intensive manner. The creation of the SSBC online training platform was guided by the knowledge-to-action framework and the five-phase analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation (ADDIE) model. The purpose of this project was to describe the analysis, design, and development phases of the SSBC online training platform. Methods. Focus groups with previously trained SSBC coaches were conducted to determine what skills, knowledge, and attitudes future coaches need to gain and how information should be delivered during the training. The research team worked with an industry partner and SSBC coaches to determine learning objectives and the best way to deliver didactic and experiential components, develop scripts for the online modules, develop storyboard proofs, film the modules, develop a landing page, and finalize the online platform. Results. Recommendations from SSBC coaches were largely focussed on ensuring there were interactive components in the training and that SSBC content be better integrated with the motivational interviewing content. The final online training platform consisted of 7 modules and a resource centre. Conclusion. Using systematic methodology and engaging end-users and those with expertise in developing online learning platforms was necessary to develop a high-quality SSBC training platform for future scale-up.