Vol. 52 No. 1 (2021): Proceedings of the SCAPPS 2021 Online Conference
Proceedings of the SCAPPS 2021 Online Conference

Psychomotor Learning Abstracts

Sadiya Abdulrabba, Luc Tremblay, Gerome Manson (Author)
Tactile afference in online movement guidance to a body location
Kathryn A Anderson, Shannon SD Bredin (Author)
When pain becomes an injury: Examining perceptions of pain and injury in student musicians
Naila Ayala, Abdullah Zafar, Ewa Niechwiej-Szwedo (Author)
Exploring gaze entropy as a novel measure of visual scanning efficiency in problem solving
Mikaela Bubna, Melanie Lam, Erin Cressman (Author)
Awareness does not modulate temporal recalibration
Allison Bui, Dana Maslovat, Yves Lajoie, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Response preparation of synchronous hand-foot movements differs depending on the mode of control
Jan A Calalo, Adam Roth, Rakshith Lokesh, Jeremy Wong, Jennifer Semrau, Joshua GA Cashaback (Author)
Visually amplified movement variability leads to greater muscular co-contraction but not visuomotor feedback gains
elias daher, Faven Teku, Allison Bui, Dana Maslovat, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Responses with greater reticulospinal drive are not reflected in increased alpha band coherence
John de Grosbois (Author)
Estimating visual corrective reaction times in double-step paradigms using machine learning: A proof of principle
Elisa DeLa Fontaine, Raphael Hamel, Jean-Francois Lepage, Pierre-Michel Bernier (Author)
Overlearning impairs the relearning of the same task in a close temporal frame (A-A)
Amelia Decarie, Sarvenaz Heirani Moghaddam, Romeo Chua, Erin Cressman (Author)
Perceptual and motor tasks assess different aspects of awareness following visuomotor adaptation
Amelia Decarie, Sarvenaz Heirani Moghaddam, Erin K Cressman (Author)
Proprioceptive training improves sense of felt hand position but does not influence implicit visuomotor adaptation
Olivier Demers, Raphaël Hamel, Jean-François Lepage, Bernier Pierre-Michel (Author)
The effects of post-learning alcohol ingestion on motor memory consolidation
Devanee Dewey, Steve Hansen (Author)
Adapt and overcome: Examining adaptation processes under prismatic displacement
Gregg Eschelmuller, Romeo Chua, Mark Carpenter, J Timothy Inglis (Author)
The effects of periodic and noisy tendon vibration on wrist flexor stretch responses
Aaron Geetan, Kishorree Sangarapillai, Quincy J Almeida (Author)
Should disease duration be linked to freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease?
Karolina Godwinska, Ewa Niechwiej-Szwedo (Author)
Test-retest repeatability of eye-hand coordination measures
Raphaël Hamel (Author)
Learning the same motor task twice impairs its retention in a time-, dose-, and learning-dependent manner
Sarvenaz Heirani Moghaddam, Erin Cressman (Author)
The benefit of prior visual experience on estimating angle size
Sarvenaz Heirani Moghaddam, Robert Mackowiak, Dilara Sen, Rachel Markley, Gerome Manson (Author)
Action possibility judgements in people with limited motor capabilities as a result of spinal muscle atrophy
Christopher Holland, Heather Neyedli (Author)
Don't spill my beer: A comparison of reach trajectories between grasping and pointing to two potential target objects
Julia Hussien, Lauren Gignac, Lauren Shearer, Diane Ste-Marie (Author)
Factors influencing attentional focus cueing: Structured interviews with Canadian physiotheraPIsts
Feng Lin, Joseph Manzone, April Karlinsky, Abigail Idiagbor, Timothy Welsh (Author)
"Save the worst for last": Strategies for choosing movement options in a sequential task
Rakshith Lokesh, Jan Calalo, Adam Roth, Michael J Carter, Joshua GA Cashaback (Author)
Rapid decision-making during competitive human-human sensorimotor interactions
Tristan Loria, Marija Pranjic, Jessica Teich, Melissa Tan, Aiyun Huang, Michael Thaut (Author)
Sound production in four mallet marimba performance: The role of limb velocity variability
Quinn Malone, Steven Passmore (Author)
Validity and feasibility of a tri-axial accelerometer for measuring an upper limb Fitts' task
Gabriel N Manalo, Kathryn A Anderson, Shannon SD Bredin (Author)
Interactive video-based technology for perceptual-cognitive training in youth: A systematic review
Damian M Manzone, Luc Tremblay (Author)
I felt that: Do the kinematics of social touch influence somatosensory processing?
Joseph X Manzone, Timothy N Welsh (Author)
"and it was all yellow": Response priming biases perceptual decision-making
Brad McKay, Julia Hussien, Mary-Anne Vinh, Alexandre Mir-Orefice, Hugh Brooks, Diane M Ste-Marie (Author)
Meta-analysis of reduced feedback frequency experiments fails to detect significant change from immediate to delayed retention
Mikhaila Merrell-McBride, Vincent DePaul (Author)
Contextual interference and post-stroke rehabilitation: A scoping review
Aarohi Pathak, Adarsh Kumar, Dr Timothy Welsh, Dr Pratik Mutha (Author)
"Don't let the right hand know what your left hand is doing": Interlimb visuomotor adaption with abrupt and gradual perturbation
Constance Pawlowsky, François Thénault, Pierre-Michel Bernier (Author)
Implicit sensorimotor adaptation following motor imagery
Goran Perkic, Damian M Manzone, Luc Tremblay (Author)
The influence of neck muscle vibration and background information on limb position across the movement trajectory during upper limb pointing
Kathleen J Peters, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Cognitive fatigue leads to decreases in motor preparation
Emeline Pierrieau, Jean-François Lepage, Pierre-Michel Bernier (Author)
Brain activity associated with conflict resolution is differently modulated in stimulus- and action-based decisions
Marija Pranjic*, Jessica Teich*, Tristan Loria, Melissa Tan, Aiyun Huang, Michael Thaut (Author)
Limb velocity variability impacts optimal sound production in marimba performance
James Roberts, Simon Bennett (Author)
Online control of rapid target-directed aiming under simulated low vision
James Roberts, Digby Elliott, James Burkitt (Author)
Does the relation between inherent variability and target size influence the central tendency of target-directed aiming?
Adam Roth, Rakshith Lokesh, Jan Calalo, Michael Carter, Joshua Cashaback (Author)
The influence of reward feedback and error feedback on sensorimotor exploration
Danielle Salters, Sara Scharoun Benson (Author)
Exploring teacher perceptions of teaching strategies for fundamental movement skills in primary physical education programs
Kishorree Sangarapillai, Aaron Geetan, Quincy J Almeida (Author)
Gait parameters contributing to freezing of gait in Parkinson's
Cassandra M Santangelo, Christin M Sadler, Kathleen J Peters, Dana Maslovat, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Meta-analysis of startle data confirms sex differences in simple reaction time are not due to response preparation levels
Anna Schroeger, Markus Raab, Rouwen Cañal-Bruland (Author)
Spatiotemporal illusions in manual interception for auditory and visual stimuli
Laura St Germain, Brad McKay, Allison Williams, Olena Leshchyshen, Andrew Poskus, Sherry Feldman, Joshua GA Cahsaback, Michael J Carter (Author)
Binary feedback prevents a self-controlled learning advantage
Ganesh Tailor, Cheryl M Glazebrook (Author)
Susceptibility to the Müller-Lyer Illusion in neurotypical individuals expressing autistic traits
Melissa Tan, Tristan Loria, John de Grosbois, Aiyun Huang, Michael Thaut (Author)
Motor learning in marimba performance: Spatiotemporal control of elbow and mallet movements
Stephanie J Tomy, Cheryl M Glazebrook (Author)
The impact of response modality in an audiovisual stroop task
Claire Tuckey, Jim Lyons (Author)
The specificity and generalizability of practice when learning a motor task: A scoping review
Joseph Vecchione, Nicola, J Hodges (Author)
A dive into the application of changing technique with sport practitioners in high performance settings
Emily Walsh, Dr Heather Carnahan, Chantel Armstrong, Jillian Holden, Brianna Walsh (Author)
Training specificity and chronic cold water exposure: Sensory and motor effects

Sport Psychology Abstracts

Margo EK Adam, Alexandra Bristow, Kacey C Neely, Marta C Erlandson (Author)
Do women athletes' experiences of menstrual function and dysfunction vary across competition levels? A mixed methods exploration
Margo EK Adam, Kacey C Neely, Marta C Erlandson (Author)
The good, the bad, and the bloody: Describing menstrual function and dysfunction in sport
Kailyn Alari, David Hancock, Brenda Hilton, Amanda Rymal (Author)
How to recruit female sport officials: A qualitative exploration
Danielle Alexander, Lindsay R Duncan, Gordon A Bloom (Author)
"The same or different? ": Using a critical discourse analysis to explore dominant discourses of coaching parasport athletes over a 20-year time span
Veronica Allan, Manal Beydoun, Stuart G Wilson, Van Gulik Erin, Luc J Martin, Jessica Fraser-Thomas (Author)
"little people, little area": A RE-AIM evaluation of ringette Canada's small-area games guidelines for children's ringette
Veronica Allan, Mandisa Lau, Corliss Bean (Author)
An evaluation of a knowledge translation project that aimed to enhance evaluation capacity in the Canadian sport sector
Sina Azimi, Katherine A Tamminen (Author)
Examining the characteristics of the coach-parent relationship in competitive youth sports
Lisa Bain, Jenson Price (Author)
From basketball player to nba coach: Becky hammon's record breaking titles and the identities she's portrayed as in the media
Lisa Bain, Bradley W Young (Author)
The struggle with coding naturalistic practice dialogue is real: A quantitative analysis of co-regulated scaffolding in figure skating
Anthony Battaglia, Gretchen Kerr, Ashley Stirling (Author)
Examining coach and peer dynamics in sport from a psychosocial perspective
Evelyne Bedard, Ioana Gheta, Lindsay R Duncan (Author)
How do adolescent athletes learn about doping-prevention by playing the educational videogame true champion? A directed content analysis
Catalina Belalcazar, Bettina Callary (Author)
Translating a self-reflective instrument into practice: Coaches use of the adult-oriented sport coaching survey in a masters coach development intervention
Evan Bishop, Sara Kramers, Martin Camiré (Author)
A developing critical consciousness: A case study of one coach's perspectives on social justice in Canadian high school sport
David M Brown, Catherine M Sabiston (Author)
Interpersonal characteristics of sport as predictors of sport enjoyment in young female athletes
Mark Bruner, Darren Turcotte, Colin McLaren (Author)
Exploring the utility of an online post event reflection tool in elite sport: A case study
Natasha Bruno, Jennifer R Tomasone, Kelly P Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Tom Davies, Amy E Latimer-Cheung (Author)
Utilizing knowledge translation to enhance quality participation in recreational sport programming for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Rowena Cai, Katherine Tamminen (Author)
Sex differences in coping strategies among competitive athletes: Contributions of type d personality and stressor appraisals
Jeffrey G Caron, Cameron B Collict, Gabrielle Cadotte (Author)
"Are they mentally ready to go back? ": Exploring the psychological factors involved in being ready to return to sport following a concussion
Daniel Church, Alexandra Mosher, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, Joe Baker, Marie-Pier Charest, Winston To, Meghan Harlow (Author)
Exploring Canadian coaches' experiences with the national coaching certification program's streams and certification structure
Taylor Coleman, Zachary Cohen, Travis Crickard, Mark Eys (Author)
What every body is saying: Athlete perceptions of body language and its potential influence on sport group dynamics
Allison Columbus, Diane E Mack, Philip M Wilson, Nicole Chimera (Author)
Investigating well-being in female athletes: What's on the flip side of the coin?
Bradley Crocker, Lindsay Duncan, Sidonie Chard (Author)
Composite vignettes of challenges faced by Canadian student-athletes negotiating the demands of university life
Nima Dehghansai, Ross Pinder, Joe Baker (Author)
One size does not fit all: Australian and Canadian paralympic pathways
Ciera Disipio, Dr Bettina Callary (Author)
Illustrating the disciplinary roots of the adult oriented sport coaching survey
Tristan Dower-Nichols, Stephanie Williams, Amanda M Rymal, David J Hancock (Author)
Understanding the nature of observational learning among sport officials
Rachel C Dunn, Jeemin Kim, Zoë A Poucher, Chloe Ellard, Katherine A Tamminen (Author)
A qualitative study of social media and electronic communication among Canadian adolescent female soccer players
Rachel C Dunn, Katherine A Tamminen (Author)
The use of theory in youth sport literature: A scoping review of research on the transitions of youth athletes and positive youth development through sport
Valeria C Eckardt, Katherine A Tamminen, Carolyn E McEwen (Author)
Development and initial evidence for the Stressors among Parents in Youth Sport Scale (SPYSS)
Frank O Ely, Katherine E Hirsch, Myles Doan, Krista J Munroe-Chandler, Todd M Loughead (Author)
Coach involvement: The actions of coaches during the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of university athletes
Danae Frentz, Tara-Leigh McHugh, Amber Mosewich (Author)
Journeying through sport: Athlete narratives of navigating pressure and struggle
Amy M Gayman, Mark Eys, Taylor Coleman (Author)
Group dynamics in recreational team sport later in life
Melanie Gregg, Ashley Guindon (Author)
Breaking the stigma: The relationship of mental toughness and athletes' perceptions of mental health
Alyssa C Grimes, Laura C Koch, Jacob D Sartor, Amy E Latimer-Cheung, M Blair Evans, Celina H Shirazipour, Adrienne R Sinden, Jennifer R Tomasone, Kathleen AMartin Ginis (Author)
Influence of competition level and sport type on quality experiences of athletes with a physical disability
Joseph Gurgis, Bettina Callary (Author)
Barriers to coaching: Perspectives from Mi'kmaq First Nation coaches
David J Hancock, Amanda M Rymal, Brenda Hilton (Author)
Strategies to recruit and retain sport officials should differ based on officials' sex
Meghan Harlow, Jessica Fraser Thomas (Author)
Early childhood educators' perceptions of effective coaching in preschooler sport: Delivery "in the right environment, guided by the right people"
Katherine E Hirsch, Todd M Loughead (Author)
An investigation of preferred coach and athlete leader transformational leadership behaviours
Michael Jonathan Hood, Veronica Allen, Simon Darnell, Kathleen Martin Ginis, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos (Author)
Narratives on sport for development among side-lined youth: Socializing agent or empowering intervention?
Caroline Hummell, Jordan Herbison, Jennifer Turnnidge, Jean Côté (Author)
Assessing the effectiveness of the transformational coaching workshop using behavior change theory
Caroline Hummell, Majidullah Shaikh, Corliss Bean (Author)
Exploring evaluation practices within the youth-serving sport sector throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
Karissa Johnson, Danielle Cormier, Kent Kowalski (Author)
Finding strength in love: A mixed methods approach to explore the relationship between mental toughness and self-compassion during athletic injury
Quinn Johnsson, Keegan Brantner, Carley Jewell, Jeffrey G. Caron, Scott Rathwell (Author)
Is timelining the future of studying the past? Lessons learned from using timelining to study athletes' lived experiences with sport-related concussions
Michael Jorgensen, Lynda Mainwaring (Author)
"That's a blue for you": Referee experiences managing concussion injury risk in Canadian amateur rugby
Helene Jørgensen, Amber Mosewich, Tara-Leigh McHugh, Nicholas L Holt (Author)
Personal development in a high-performance sport environment
Adam L Kelly, Daniel T Jackson, Donald Barrell, Kate Burke, Kevin Till (Author)
The relative age effect in male and female English age-grade rugby union: Exploring the gender-specific mechanisms that underpin participation
Jeemin Kim, Katherine A Tamminen, Constance Harris, Sara Sutherland (Author)
Coaches' interpersonal regulation of athletes' emotions: A mixed-method investigation
Nickolas Kosmenko, Leisha Strachan (Author)
Resilience and professionalism in the face of racism: Exploring the experiences of First Nations Canadian sport coaches
Heather K Larson, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Bradley W Young, Wendy M Rodgers (Author)
Exploring sport scholars' navigation of their own children's sport participation
Janet Alexis Lawson, Amy Latimer-Cheung (Author)
A scoping review of parasport classificaiton resources
Emilie Lemelin, Elodie Petit, Hali Kil, Joëlle Carpentier, Sophie Gadoury, Jacques Forest, Jean-Paul Richard, Mireille Joussemet, Geneviève A Mageau (Author)
Effectiveness of the reroot workshop in sports: A qualitative analysis
Laura Martin, Stéphanie Turgeon, Scott Rathwell, Martin Camiré (Author)
The influence of gender on the relationship between the basic psychological needs and mental health in high school student-athletes
Liam P McCabe, Dr MargaritaD Tsiros, Dr AlysonJ Crozier (Author)
Good sport, bad sport: Parental behaviours and their relationship with youth sporting behaviours
Colin D McLaren, Katrien Fransen, Ian D Boardley, Luc J Martin, Niels Mertens, Alex J Benson, Jordan T Herbison, Richard B Slatcher, Justin M Carré, Jean Côté, Mark W Bruner (Author)
Building 'us' from within: A feasibility study to explore athlete and coach experiences of a peer-led social identity intervention in youth sport
Colin D McLaren, Jordan T Sutcliffe, Lauren Gardner, Stewart A Vella, Mark W Bruner (Author)
Positive youth development in sport: Mapping the scientific structure using a citation network analysis
Valentina Mihajlovic, Julia Moreau, Dean Tripp (Author)
Women were hit harder: Gender differences in student-athletes' mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
Amanda Miles, Robin Tharle-Oluk, Maura Maguire, Carlos Mercado Morales, David J Hancock (Author)
Using a scoping review to understand the recruitment and retention of sport officials
Alfred Min, Ross Murray, Tahla den Houdyker, Catherine M Sabiston (Author)
Fitness-related self-conSCIous emotions as mediators for the association between athletes' fitness perceptions and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic
Amber D Mosewich, Benjamin Sereda, Klaudia Sapieja, Katie E Gunnell, Ben Gallaher, Nicholas L Holt, Tara-Leigh F McHugh (Author)
Self-compassion and psychological skills as predictors of resilience and well-being among youth athletes
Alexandra Mosher, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, Melissa Wilson, Joseph Baker (Author)
Proportions of athletes classified as early specializers varies according to methods and skill level
Derrik Motz, Scott Rathwell, Bettina Callary, Bradley W Young (Author)
A longitudinal analysis of adult-oriented coaching practices in masters sport
Derrik Motz, Scott Rathwell, Bettina Callary, Bradley W Young (Author)
Adult-oriented coaching practices: Assessing the role of congruence
Ross Murray, Alyona Koulanova, Catherine Sabiston (Author)
Understanding girls' motivation to participate in sport. the effects of social identity and physical self-concept
Tristan Murray, Christopher Shields (Author)
Specialization, pressure, prep-schools and player development: Insights from elite Canadian hockey players
Autumn Nesdoly, Lauren Ray, Jane Thornton, Rshmi Khurana, Margie H Davenport, Tara-Leigh McHugh (Author)
Pushing for change: A description of elite athletes' experiences of pregnancy
Nathania Ofori, Meghan Harlow, Jessica Fraser-Thomas (Author)
Exploring perceptions, experiences, and outcomes of a Special Olympics active start program
Krystn Orr, James Noronha, Ann Fudge Schormans (Author)
Coaching athletes with an intellectual disability virtually: A participant-driven approach to developing an online coach training resource
Krystn Orr, Andrew Webb (Author)
Saying what you mean and meaning what you say: A discourse analysis with Special Olympics Canada's corporate sponsors
Kurtis Pankow, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Amber D Mosewich, Nicholas L Holt (Author)
A qualitative process map of mental health promotion through the coach-athlete relationship in Canadian university sport
Mikaela Papich, Gordon A Bloom, Lea-Cathrin Dohme (Author)
Managing parental involvement within competitive youth tennis coach-athlete relationships
Lara Pomerleau-Fontaine, Gordon A Bloom, Danielle Alexander (Author)
The parasport coach-athlete relationship in the context of wheelchair basketball
Zoe Poucher (Author)
Mental health in Canadian elite sport
Shannon Pynn, Helene Jørgensen, Nicholas Holt (Author)
Parents and emotions in youth sport: A scoping review
Alma Rahimi, Samantha D Roberts, Joseph R Baker, Magdalena Wojtowicz (Author)
Examining performance on aspects of attention and executive control in varsity athletes engaging in strategic and static sports
Nathan A Reis, Kent C Kowalski, Amber D Mosewich, Leah J Ferguson (Author)
Men athletes' lived experiences of self-compassion through the lens of masculinity
Gabriel Richard, Dr JonathanSA Carriere, Dr MaximeTrempe Trempe (Author)
Basketball videos presented in virtual reality appear faster than on a computer screen
Benjamin SP Rittenberg, Heather F Neyedli, Bradley W Young, Lori Dithurbide (Author)
The influence of coaching efficacy on trust and usage of technology in golf instruction
Kelsey Saizew, M Blair Evans, Luc J Martin (Author)
Teammate social ties and subgroup memberships: A season-long social network analysis in track and field
Benjamin Schellenberg, Patrick Gaudreau (Author)
A test of the team identification – social psychological health model: Does being a fan of a local team matter?
Kara Scott, Kathleen Mellano Mellano, Dan Smith, Jasmin Hutchinson (Author)
The association between coach-athlete relationship quality and sport domain-specific self-esteem in collegiate athletes
Majidullah Shaikh, Tanya Forneris (Author)
A RE-AIM evaluation of a trauma-sensitive sport program for newcomer youth
Christopher Shields (Author)
Parents' perspectives on the impact of covid-related restrictions to access to youth sport experiences in nova scotia
Alanna Shwed, Brenda Bruner, Barbi Law, Mark Bruner (Author)
"I don't care about the candy; I care about the game" exploring the impact of food rewards in youth recreation ice hockey
Madeline Smith-Ackerl (Author)
Athletes' perceptions of role significance in an interdependent sport context
Niel Strydom, Alex Murata, Jean Côté (Author)
"What are we going to do with all of our time? ": Parental perceptions of youth sport in its absence
Jordan Sutcliffe, Elizabeth Mayland, Matthew Schweickle, Desmond McEwan, Christian Swann, Stewart Vella (Author)
Psychological safety in sport: A systematic review and concept analysis
Katherine Tamminen, James Bissett, Sina Azimi, Jeemin Kim (Author)
What actually happens during the car ride home? Video analysis of verbal and nonverbal sport-related communication between parents and children
Olivia Tefft, Laura Ceccarelli, Brittany Semenchuk, Shaelyn Strachan (Author)
Physical activity and identity; a qualitative evaluation of an intervention based on the Physical Activity Self-Definition Model
Robin Tharle-Oluk, Amanda Miles, Darcy K O'Reilly, Christopher J Coady, David J Hancock (Author)
The development of sport officials: A scoping review
Kendra Todd, Kenedy Olsen, Gail Hamamoto, Trevor Hirschfield, Kathleen Martin Ginis (Author)
Evaluating the quality of sport participation among paralympic and recreational athletes with a spinal cord injury
Myriam Tremblay, Erica Bennett, Amber Mosewich, Moss Norman, Peter Crocker (Author)
Men varsity athletes' experiences of self-compassion and masculinity
Stéphanie Turgeon, Tarkington Newman J., Matt Moore, Corliss Bean, Levone Lee, Megan Knuettel, Cathy Osmers Rahill (Author)
The dual pandemic: COVID-19, systemic racism, and college student-athletic mental health
Taylor Tutkaluke, Nickolas Kosmenko, Emily Erickson, Kimberly Moors, Tony Apetagon, Camille Forbes, jay johnson, Dan Henhawk (Author)
Front runners: Striding towards shared acculturation as a pathway for Indigenous athletes in varsity sport
Rachel, AVan Woezik, Colin, D McLaren, Jean Côté, Karl Erickson, Barbi Law, Denyse Lafrance Horning, Bettina Callary, Mark, W Bruner (Author)
Investigating sources of coaching knowledge
Matthew Vierimaa, Travis Dorsch, Amand Hardiman (Author)
Coaching and COVID-19: A longitudinal case study of youth volleyball coaches
Stuart G Wilson, Kathryn Johnston, Bradley W Young, Joseph Baker (Author)
Self-regulated learning predicts final grades in varsity student-athletes, but is there more than meets the eye?
Stuart G Wilson, Bradley W Young, Sharleen Hoar, Joseph Baker (Author)
Assessing a replication of the self-regulation of sport practice-short form survey
Kelsey S Wright, Autumn Nesdoly, Tara-Leigh McHugh, Amber D Mosewich (Author)
Indigenous women's experiences of self-compassion in sport
Jessica Youngblood (Author)
We're a lot closer, we talk more": Family experiences following children and adolescents' participation in an adapted physical activity camp

Exercise Psychology Abstracts

Garcia Ashdown-Franks, Catherine M Sabiston (Author)
"Triggered by the sound of other runners": A qualitative exploration of parKRun mentions in mental health records
Magalee Blumenkrans, Sean Locke (Author)
Examining the relationship between physical activity and illness-related perceptions for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Jennifer Brunet, Melissa Black, Jenson Price, Sitara Sharma (Author)
Acceptability of a self-determination theory intervention delivered by email to promote physical activity in women who are overweight or obese
Liam Collins, J Paige Pope (Author)
Evaluating older adults' motives to sit less: Preliminary evidence for an instrument based in self-determination theory
Angela M Coppola, Jacob Benzinger, David J Hancock (Author)
"The more exposure you get to professionals, to resources, the better you're going to become": Physical educators' perceptions and experiences of teaching students with mobility disabilities
Bobbie-Ann Craig, Meghan H McDonough, S Nicole Culos-Reed, William Bridel (Author)
Practices that facilitate social support in online exercise classes for people living with cancer: Observations of interpersonal interactions
Kaela Cranston, Tineke Dineen, Natalie Grieve, Mary Jung (Author)
A partnered approach to designing and developing an online training platform for diabetes prevention program coaches
Sarah Deck, Philip M Wilson, Diane E Mack (Author)
"Put me back in the game…! ": Does the athletic theraPIst's motivation for providing treatment impact athlete's experiences during rehabilitation following injury?
Melissa L deJonge, Amy E Nesbitt, Ross M Murray, Erin K O'Loughlin, Catherine M Sabiston, Jennifer L O'Loughlin (Author)
Patterns of physical activity, stress and coping and associations with depression symptoms in young adults: A latent class approach
Katerina Disimino, Lauren Tristani, Nicholas Santino, Jonathan Weiss, Rebecca Bassett-Gunter (Author)
Physical activity support behaviours among parents of children with intellectual disabilities: Evaluating an online messaging intervention
Cameron Marshall Gee, Femke Hoekstra, Joan Ubeda-Colomer, Adrienne Sinden, Tara Joy Knibbe, Pinder DaSilva, Kathleen Martin Ginis (Author)
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on physical activity participation among Canadians with disabilities
Nicole Giouridis, Stephanie M Flood, Julia McKenna, Madelaine Gierc, Guy Faulkner, Amy E Latimer-Cheung, Jennifer R Tomasone (Author)
Exploring first-year university students' barriers and facilitators to meeting the recommendations in the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults
Omar Hafez, Shara Johnson, Jamie LaFleur, Samantha Moore, Leah J Ferguson, Carol D Rodgers, Philip D Chilibeck, Heather JA Foulds (Author)
"A spoke in the wheel": Understanding experiences of 'Métis Red River Jig' dancers and impacts of the Métis Red River Jig on health and well-being
Laura Hallward, Lindsay R Duncan (Author)
"If I skip a day, I feel like i've absolutely failed": An exploration of lived experiences with compulsive exercise shared on social media
Laura Hallward, Lindsay R Duncan (Author)
Compulsive exercise treatment interventions among individuals with eating disorders: A systematic review
Jordan Herbison, Meaghan Osborne, Jessica Andersen, Pierre Lepage, Véronique Pagé, Caroline Levasseur, Heather Gainforth, Marie-Eve Lamontagne, Shane Sweet (Author)
Move for a better life: Access to community programs and social participation
Shannon Herrick, Lindsay Duncan (Author)
A systematic scoping review of physical education experiences from the perspective of LGBTQ+ students
Katarina L Huellemann, Stefania Rizzardo, Eva Pila (Author)
Effects of a brief self-compassionate writing induction for adolescent girls' weight-stigmatizing experiences in physical activity
Maeghan E James, Nikoleta Odorico, Sarah A Moore, Ritu Sharma, Kathleen AMartin Ginis, Kelly P Arbour-Nicitopoulos (Author)
Understanding the experiences related to movement behaviours and health of children and youth with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study
Shara Johnson, Jamie LaFleur, Samantha Moore, Leah J Ferguson, Adam McInnes, Heather JA Foulds (Author)
"It's exhausting to always be self-editing": The importance of culture and social support in the health of Métis peoples
Kaitlyn D Kauffeldt, Heather L Gainforth, Amy E Latimer-Cheung, Guy E Faulkner, Jennifer R Tomasone (Author)
The use of social network analysis to examine knowledge translation opportunities across organizational networks
Jeemin Kim, Mark Eys, Jennifer Robertson-Wilson (Author)
The downside of injunctive social norms for autonomous physical activity engagement
Laura C Koch, M Blair Evans, Amy E Latimer-Cheung, Shane N Sweet, Kristiann E Man, Celina H Shirazipour, Kathleen AMartin Ginis, Jennifer R Tomasone (Author)
Exploring the measurement of quality participation over time in exercise for persons with physical disabilities
Julia Koppernaes, Christopher Shields, Jeffery Zahavich, Tania Embree, Shannon Johnson, Darren Steeves, Jonathon Fowles (Author)
Capturing the impact of a program designed to improve student well-being: Development and refinement of a scale assessing thriving in university
Sasha Kullman, Brittany Semenchuk, Tamara Morgan, Todd Duhamel, Shaelyn Strachan (Author)
Compassionate and loving mindset towards heart health risk (calm hearts): A non-randomized pilot feasibility study for a parallel randomized controlled trial
Barbi Law, Allyn Massana-Stroud, Brenda Bruner (Author)
Parents, personalized infographics, and the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth
Sarah Lawrason, Lysa Campeau, Megan MacInnes, C J Wilkins, James Shaw, Kathleen Martin Ginis (Author)
Developing a physical activity mHealth intervention in partnership: Sci step together
Tayah M Liska, Emilie Michalovic, Haley Flaro, Mathieu Stever, Jeffrey G Caron, Lindsay R Duncan, Shane N Sweet (Author)
Exploring physical activity maintenance among adults with spinal cord injury
Kristen M Lucibello, Catherine M Sabiston, Veronique Thibault, Mathieu Belanger (Author)
Exploring the longitudinal associations between body-related self-conSCIous emotions and physical activity in adolescents
Megan MacPherson, Kohle Merry, Sean Locke, Mary Jung (Author)
A scoping review of mHealth prompt-assisted behaviour change interventions for diabetes prevention
Sabrina Malouka, Melissa L deJonge, Tahla den Houdyker, Catherine M Sabiston (Author)
Physical activity programming for post-secondary student mental health: Examining the effectiveness of online delivery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Meghan H McDonough, Jennifer Hewson, Peter RE Crocker, Ann Toohey, Cari Din, Stephanie Won, AJ Matsune, Raynell A McDonough (Author)
Social support and emotions in group physical activity programs for older adults
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