SCAPPS generally offers two tiers of membership: 1) Professional and 2) Trainee.

1) Professional membership is for individuals who are engaged in the study, the practice, or the marketing of psychomotor learning, motor control, motor development or sport psychology but are not currently enrolled in training related to the field. Academic faculty and other professionals fall into this category

2) Trainee membership is for individuals who are enrolled full or part time at a recognized university in a program of study in psychomotor learning, motor control, motor development, or sport / exercise psychology. Current undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows fall into this category.

3) A “Life Membership” is a prestigious membership type bestowed upon SCAPPS fellows (who have made significant contributions to SCAPPS over many years) and who have retired. You should know if you are a life member. Life Members pay no membership fees.