Vol. 50 No. 1 (2018): Proceedings of the SCAPPS 2018 Annual Conference
Proceedings of the SCAPPS 2018 Annual Conference

Psychomotor Learning Abstracts

Sadiya Abdulrabba, Gerome Manson, Valentin Crainic, Stephen Bested, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Attentional focus instructions for golf-putting accuracy and precision
Sadiya Abdulrabba, Gerome Manson, Valentin Crainic, Benjamin Juan, Theo Fornerone, Laurence Mouchnino, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Before you get on the green, meditate in silence
Brynn Alexander, Romeo Chua (Author)
Integration of somatotopic and spatiotopic reference frames in tactile localization
Dior Anderson, Victoria Gottwald, Gavin Lawrence (Author)
Identifying talent holistically: Using machine learning to capture the dynamic development of expertise in Olympic weightlifting. a preliminary analysis
Amélie Apinis-Deshaies, Jonathan Tremblay, Julie Carrier, Maxime Trempe (Author)
Timing and spatial accuracy of reaching movements do not improve off-line
Kim Arbour, Alexandra Cistrone, Pamela J Bryden (Author)
Is unimanual handedness related to the action hand or the supporting hand in a bimanual task?
Naila Ayala, Diksha Shukla, Joseph Manzone, Matthew Heath (Author)
Pantomime-grasping demonstrates a shape-dependent visuoperceptual resolution
Ambika Bansal, Seamus Weech, Michael Barnett-Cowan (Author)
Time-shifting in virtual reality induces motor but not non-motor temporal recalibration
Pierre-Michel Bernier (Author)
Eeg manifestations of errors during reach adaptation
Stephen R Bested, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Robotic guidance with variability of practice can improve the learning of a golf putting task
Rouwen Cañal-Bruland, Hauke S Meyerhoff, Florian Müller (Author)
On the multisensory nature of anticipation in tennis
Jessica Cappelletto, JIm Lyons (Author)
Choosing between action alternatives in an unconstrained task environment
Michael J Carter (Author)
Errors make you better: Behavioral, theoretical and neurophysiological determinants of error processing in motor learning
Michael J Carter (Author)
Self-controlled feedback and error estimation
Michael Cinelli, Lana Pfaff (Author)
The effects of sport specific training of rugby players on avoidance behaviours during a head-on collision course with an approaching person
John de Grosbois, Kimberley Jovanov, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Accuracy instructions modulate both visual and non-visual contributions to ongoing reaches
John de Grosbois, Valentin Crainic, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Is twenty plenty? Tracking the stability of basic pointing kinematic measures over trials and across vision conditions
Julia De Pieri, Caroline Dutil, Dana Maslovat, Victoria Smith, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Incorporation of a stop signal task does not impair learning of a serial key-press task: Evidence against inhibition-induced forgetting in explicit motor learning
Ghislain d'Entremont, Heather Neyedli (Author)
Comparing statistical methods for inferring contributions of visual online control from human limb trajectories
Carina Di Tomaso, Maxime Trempe, Nicolas Berryman, Adrianna Mendrek (Author)
Aerobic exercise enhances retention of a gradually imposed visuomotor rotation
Neil M Drummond, Adam R Aron, Ayda Ghahremani, Kaviraja Udupa, Robert Chen (Author)
Applying event-related deep brain stimulation to investigate the causal role of the subthalamic nucleus in stopping motor responses
Caroline Dutil, Julia De Pieri, Dana Maslovat, Victoria Smith, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
In a sample of adequate sleepers learning a serial key-press task, online and offline gains are not impaired by sleep characteristics or movement inhibition
Stevie Foglia, Jim Lyons (Author)
The effect of object orientation as a function of affordance on motor action priming
Christopher Forgaard, Ian Franks, Dana Maslovat, Romeo Chua (Author)
The influence of kinesthetic motor imagery and effector specificity on the long-latency stretch response
Raphael Q Gastrock, Shanaathanan Modchalingam, Chad Vachon, Bernard Marius't Hart, Denise YP Henriques (Author)
Proprioceptive recalibration and uPDating predicted sensory consequences are neither exclusively implicit nor explicit
Rachel Goodman, Luc Tremblay (Author)
The challenge of initiating movements to proprioceptive targets in older adults
Vicky Gottwald, Robin Owen, Gavin Lawrence (Author)
Going against the grain: Performance when relevant proprioceptive afferent information is congruent with focus of attention
Raphaël Hamel, Kathleen Côté, Alexia Matte, Jean-François Lepage, Pierre-Michel Bernier (Author)
Performance-contingent monetary rewards undermine the facilitating effects of practice on retention
Matthew Heath, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Multisensory interactions and expression of the remote distractor effect
Matthew Heath, Andrea Petrella, David Limb, Andre Pelletier, Glen Belfry (Author)
The single-bout post-exercise executive benefit is independent of aerobically supported metabolic costs
Denise YP Henriques (Author)
Where's my hand? Updating proprioception and prediction for motor learning
Christopher W Holland, Heather Neyedli (Author)
Hit me with your best shock: Differences between cognitive and physical penalties in a decision based reaching task
Dustin Hummel, Steve Hansen (Author)
On your mark: Examining the self-selection of starting positions during the control of goal-directed aiming
Katrina Innanen, S Latter, Emma Yoxon, T Welsh (Author)
Must be [TDCS] on the brain, that's got me [moving] this way: TDCS of PPC affects movement execution but not imagination or perception
Ben Jones, Gavin Lawrence, Lew Hardy (Author)
Optimising challenge: Key to the development of 'super-elite' expertise
Aline Tiemi Kami, Christin Sadler, Julie Nantel, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) over supplementary motor area (SMA) improves upper limb movement in individuals with Parkinson's disease
Antonia Karellas, Paul Yielder, James Burkitt, Bernadette Murphy (Author)
Do changes in multisensory integration occur in individuals with subclinical neck pain with the implementation of a six week chiropractic treatment intervention?
April Karlinsky, Nicola Hodges (Author)
Dyad practice impacts self-directed practice behaviors and motor learning outcomes in a contextual interference paradigm
Michael Kennefick, Joel S Burma, Paul van Donkelaar, Chris J McNeil (Author)
The time course of motoneuron excitability during the preparation and execution of complex movements
Animesh Singh Kumawat, Gerome A Manson, Joelle Hajj, Timothy N Welsh, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Detecting movement endpoint errors in one's own trajectories: Multiple processes model vs. forward internal model
Melanie Lam, Celina Evans (Author)
The influence of group cohesion on task co-representation
Beverley C Larssen, Anthony Sze, Nicola J Hodges (Author)
Comparing errorful and error-free visuomotor adaptation to test for unintentional after-effects in observers
Jennifer Lawley, Paula C Fletcher, Pamela J Bryden (Author)
An investigation of the relationship between handedness and health
Alexandra Leguerrier, Dana Maslovat, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Investigating differences in reaction time and preparatory activation as a result of varying accuracy requirements
Natasha Lelievre, Laura St Germain, Diane M Ste-Marie (Author)
The applied model for the use of observation: An update on context and function research
Tristan Loria, Joëlle Hajj, Kanji Tanaka, Katsumi Watanabe, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Visual attention influences audiovisual event perception and the susceptibility to the fusion illusion
Quinn Malone, Steven Passmore, Michelle Maiers (Author)
Comparing two moderate-to-vigorous physical activity accelerometer cut-points in older adults with neck and back disability undergoing exercise and spinal manipulation interventions
Gerome Manson, Animesh Kumawat, Valentin Crainic, Damian Manzone, Jean Blouin, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Mapping somatosensory vs. visual targets for the online control of the unseen limb
Brian Maraj, Nathan Gollner, Mitchell Kruk (Author)
Literature review of empirical studies using constraints led approach for motor learning, motor performance, and decision making
Heather McCracken, Bernadette Murphy, James J Burkitt, Cheryl M Glazebrook, Paul Yielder (Author)
Audiovisual multisensory integration in young adults with and without attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Anna Michelle McPhee, Merryn D Constable, Elizabeth J Saccone, Timothy N Welsh (Author)
Mine or thine? Examining the influence of ownership and the presence of a co-actor on peri-personal space
Niyousha Mortaza, Ahmed Abou-Setta, Ryan Zarychanski, Hal Loewen, Rasheda Rabbani, Cheryl M Glazebrook (Author)
Using upper-limb tendon/ muscle vibration for improving upper-limb functional motor performance in persons with chronic stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Nicole Ong, Jamie Hawke, Nicola Hodges (Author)
Target size manipulations affect self-efficacy, success expectations, and processing durations but do not impact motivation and behavioural indices of performance and learning in dart-throwing
Robin Owen, Victoria Gottwald, Gavin Lawrence (Author)
Pressure enhances online control when 'I' don't know I need to correct, but reduces it when 'I' do: Motor control strategies and state anxiety
Aarohi Pathak, Shikha Patel, Timothy Welsh (Author)
The "eye" in imagination: Restricting eye movements influence imagined actions
Marlowe Pecora, Matthew Heath (Author)
Antipointing adherence to Fitts' Law is eccentricity-dependent
Carrie, M Peters, Cheryl, M Glazebrook (Author)
Reduced visual feedback enhances the benefit of rhythmic auditory stimuli
Yash Rawal, Jonathan Singer (Author)
Individual limb contributions to mediolateral stability during gait
Stephanie Reischl, Syed Raza, Allan Adkin, Jae Patterson, Craig Tokuno (Author)
The effect of social-comparative feedback on corticospinal excitability and balance performance
Mark S Rice, Darren ER Warburton, Shannon SD Bredin (Author)
Examining relative age effects in the Canadian sport school hockey league
James Roberts, Timothy Welsh, Caroline Wakefield (Author)
Correspondence between executed and imagined actions extends to allocentric/relative references codes
James Roberts, Gavin Lawrence (Author)
Impact of attentional focus on motor performance in the context of "early" limb regulation and "late" target control
James Roberts, James Maiden, Simon Bennett (Author)
Impact of simulated low target vision on target-directed movement
James Roberts, Gavin Lawrence (Author)
Sequence aiming movement between nervous systems
Jennifer Ruttle, Bernard 't Hart, Denise Henriques (Author)
Modeling the time course of change following visuomotor adaptation in movement, proprioception and prediction
Chelsey K Sanderson, Heather F Neyedli (Author)
Using neurofeedback from motor cortex to reduce tremor in essential tremor
Salah Sarteep, Gavin Lawrence, Michael Khan (Author)
The effect of varying the second target location on movement integration; one-target advantage and target perturbation
Félix-Antoine Savoie, Jean-François Lepage, Kevin Whittingstall, Pierre-Michel Bernier (Author)
Effects of static transcranial magnetic stimulation over right parietal cortex on visuomotor adaptation
Dwayne Sheehan, Diala Ammar (Author)
The effects of stand-up desks: A one year follow up with academic office staff
Victoria Smith, Dana Maslovat, Neil, M Drummond, Anthony, N Carlsen (Author)
Startle reveals response preparation can take up to 400ms in an instructed-delay paradigm
Joo-Hyun Song, Jianfei Guo (Author)
Action fluency facilitates perceptual discrimination
Laura RSt John, Anne Mienkowski, M Christine Rodriguez, John Cairney (Author)
Parental perception of children with developmental coordination disorder
Laura St Germain, Victoria Smith, Dana Maslovat, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Increases in stimulus intensity lead to a greater rate of activation accumulation in primary motor cortex
Laura St Germain, Molly Brillinger, Hilary Cotnam, Diane M Ste-Marie (Author)
Observation of a skilled model in a self-controlled learning environment facilitates learning of a novel motor skill irrespective of frequency of modeling
Jessica C Sutton, McKenna JM Brown, Stephanie Tomy, Cheryl M Glazebrook (Author)
The effect of exogenous and endogenous visual cues on the spatial and temporal features of movements performed during a rapid target aiming task
Jessica C Sutton, McKenna JM Brown, Ilana D Naiman, Cheryl M Glazebrook (Author)
The effect of perceived social communications skills on motor performance during an audiovisual choice reaction time task
Jennifer E Swansburg, Alyssa Chilco, Brad A Meisner, Heather F Neyedli (Author)
Wise or decrepit? The effects of age-related primes on a manual aiming task
Bernard Marius't Hart, Jennifer E Ruttle, Andreas Straube, Thomas Eggert, Denise YP Henriques (Author)
Fast and slow processes in visuomotor adaptation: Task design and aging
Saba Taravati, Joseph Manzone, Heather Neyedli, Tim Welsh (Author)
"Never tell me the odds" do people emphasize value or probability when choosing between alternatives?
Faven Teku, Victoria Smith, Neil M Drummond, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Bimanual finger movements are not susceptible to early response triggering by a startling acoustic stimulus
Jessie Tucker, Pamela J Bryden (Author)
Exploring handedness and the likelihood of "switching hands" within a young adult population after practice with the non-dominant hand
Jessie Tucker, Sara Moniz, Evan Gilbert, Pamela Bryden, Michael Cinelli (Author)
Lower limb selection in a preferential reaching task: The influence of lateralization and balance control
Claire Tuckey, Jae Patterson, David Gabriel, Allan Adkin, Michael Carter (Author)
Investigating error detection capabilities in a novel sensorimotor task as a function of athletic experience
Jeff Weiler, Paul Gribble, Andrew Pruszynski (Author)
The triceps' spinal stretch reflex can be modulated to support reaching
Darrin O Wijeyaratnam, Romeo Chua, Erin K Cressman (Author)
Learning versus learned: Flexible control processes when reaching with altered visual feedback of the hand's position
McKenzie Williams-Selby, Victoria Smith, Dana Maslovat, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Startreact effects are dependent upon engagement of startle reflex circuits: Evidence for a subcortically mediated initiation pathway
Emma Yoxon, Timothy N Welsh (Author)
Thumbs up! (or down): Movement imagery may induce changes in cortical movement representation
Mahboobeh Zabihhosseinian, Paul Yielder, Ushani Ambalavanar, Rufeyda Cosgun, Bernadette Murphy (Author)
Changes in neurophysiological processing from distal upper limb muscles in response to motor skill acquisition and cervical extensor muscle fatigue
Mahboobeh Zabihhosseinian, Paul Yielder, Victoria Berkers, Ushani Ambalavanar, Rufeyda Cosgun, Bernadette Murphy (Author)
Plasticity and sensory motor integration in cerebellum and motor cortex following cervical extensor muscle fatigue and motor skill acquisition task
Faryal Zahir, Laura St Germain, Michael J Carter (Author)
Inconvenient findings for the "optimal" theory of motor learning
Howard Zelaznik (Author)
Practice does not lead to changes in movement trajectories in Fitts' Law tasks

Sport Psychology Abstracts

Danielle Alexander, Laura Hallward, Lindsay R Duncan, Jeffrey G Caron (Author)
Exploring the media portrayal of north american sport culture and identity following the russian state-sponsored doping scandal
Veronica Allan, Kathleen Martin Ginis, Amy Latimer-Cheung, Jean Côté (Author)
Fostering quality parasport programs: A collective case study of model coaches in parasport
Veronica Allan, Brett Smith, Jean Côté, Kathleen AMartin Ginis, Amy E Latimer-Cheung (Author)
Narratives of participation among individuals with physical disabilities: A life-course analysis of athletes' experiences and development in parasport
Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos (Author)
An exploration of the uptake and continued participation in sports in children and youth with physical disabilities
Sina Azimi, Katherine Tamminen (Author)
Parental communication and reflective practice among youth sport parents
Brogan Bailey, Lori Dithurbide (Author)
Development and validation of a trust in sport questionnaire
Anthony Battaglia, Gretchen Kerr, Ashley Stirling (Author)
Examining the influence of athletes' punishment experiences on decisions to cease participation in competitive hockey
Anthony Battaglia (Author)
Physical abuse and neglect in sport
Mishka Blacker (Author)
The influence of attachment orientation on basketball players' free throw performance under pressure
Gordon Bloom (Author)
Social and environmental factors affecting the learning and acquisition of knowledge among youth disability sport coaches
Gordon Bloom (Author)
Social and environmental factors affecting the learning and acquisition of knowledge among youth disability sport coaches
Gordon Bloom (Author)
Symposium overview abstract
Mark Bruner, Christian Swann, Matthew Schweickle, Andrew Miller, Alex Benson, Colin McLaren, Jordan Sutcliffe, Stewart Vella (Author)
Exploring the role of sport participation and social support on social identity in adolescent male athletes
Martin Camiré, Kelsey Kendellen (Author)
Understanding the process of life skills application beyond sport
Danielle L Cormier, John GH Dunn, Janice Causgrove Dunn (Author)
Incremental validity evidence supporting the domain-specific conceptualization and measurement of grit in intercollegiate student-athletes
Bradley Crocker, Lindsay Duncan (Author)
An interrogation of collegiate student athletes' constructions of health, fitness, and body image
Balin Cupples, Donna O'Connor, Stephen Cobley (Author)
Distinct trajectories of athlete development: A retrospective analysis of australian professional rugby league players
Sarah Deck, Craig Hall, Despina Kouali, Brianna Desantis (Author)
A qualitative approach to understanding the impact of partner play in doubles racquet sports
Nima Dehghansai, Joe Baker, Ross Pinder (Author)
Athlete journeys in parasport: Identifying factors that influence athletes' participation, maintenance and development
Nima Dehghansai, Joe Baker (Author)
Long-term participation in parasport: Current issues, challenges and future directions
Lori Dithurbide, Jamie MacFarlane, Heather Neyedli (Author)
"That yardage can't be right? ": Trust in golf dmds in non-users
Lindsay R Duncan, Laura Hallward (Author)
An experimental test of the efficacy of gain- and loss-framed messages for doping prevention in adolescent athletes
William Falcao, Gordon Bloom (Author)
Youth athletes' perceptions of humanistic coaching
William Falcao (Author)
Youth athletes' perceptions of humanistic coaching
Lou Farah, Nick Wattie, Kaitlyn Laforge-Mackenzie, Joseph Baker (Author)
The community size effect in Canadian Olympic and paralympic athletes: Exploring inter-provincial heterogeneity in athlete development
Kaleigh Ferdinand Pennock, Lynda Mainwaring (Author)
A review of the evidence on adolescent athlete concussion under-reporting: Barriers and facilitators of concussion symptom disclosure
Leah J Ferguson, Kent C Kowalski (Author)
Self-compassion in sport superhero team-ups present: Collaboration and innovation
Katherine Finch, Jonathan Oakman, Alex Milovanov, Beth Keleher, Kevin Capobianco, Walter Mittelstaedt (Author)
Confirmatory factor analysis of the musician's self-regulation imagery scale
Danae Frentz, Tara-Leigh McHugh, Amber Mosewich (Author)
How do athletes shift from self-critical to self-compassionate approaches within elite sport contexts?
Chris Gladney (Author)
Difference in sleep and mental distress between in-season and out of season university athletes
Michael Godfrey, Jeemin Kim, Mark Eys (Author)
Ethnic diversity and cohesion in interdependent sport teams
Daniel E Goldman, Adam L Kelly, Jennifer Turnnidge, Jordan Chen, Jean Côté, Craig A Williams, Mark R Wilson (Author)
An observational assessment of athletes' engagement and social interactions in an english football academy: The Revised Athlete Behaviour Coding System (R-ABCS) case study
Mara Habash, Jennifer Turnnidge, Mercedes Watson, Susan Kitchen, Amy Latimer-Cheung (Author)
An investigation of coaches' perceptions of working with athletes with a disability
Nathan Hall, Melanie Gregg, Gary Swanson (Author)
Symposium presentation #1: Movement for life! Promoting physical literacy in the early years
Nathan Hall, Melanie Gregg, Barbi Law, Danny MacDonald, Leisha Strachan (Author)
The role of adults in promoting physical literacy development
Laura Hallward, Lindsay R Duncan (Author)
Engaging adolescent athletes with effective messaging to prevent doping in sport
Meghan Harlow, Jessica Fraser-Thomas (Author)
Examining multi-sport programming for preschoolers: A case study
Tyler S Harris, Alan L Smith (Author)
Attentional preferences and attitudes toward exercise settings with and without televisions
Shannon Herrick, Meredith Rocchi, Lauren Couture (Author)
A case study exploring the experiences of a transgender athlete in synchronized figure skating
Matt D Hoffmann, Todd M Loughead, Jeffrey G Caron (Author)
Peer athlete mentoring from the mentor's perspective: A retrospective case study
Zacharie Holmes, Katherine A Tamminen (Author)
Examining identity, personality, stress and social support among varsity student-athletes
Shara R Johnson, Jennifer Poudrier, Heather Foulds, Leah J Ferguson (Author)
"it's a big adjustment coming from the reserve to living in a totally different society": Exploring the well-being of first nations athletes playing sport in an urban "mainstream" context
Helene Jørgensen, Pierre-Nicolas Lemyre, Nicholas L Holt (Author)
Life skills development in young high-level athletes
Gretchen Kerr, Ashley Stirling, Ellen MacPherson, Alexia Tam, Erin Willson, Anthony Battaglia (Author)
Maltreatment in sport: Implications for sport psychology research and practice
Asma Khalil, Katherine Tamminen (Author)
In and out: Exploring inclusion and alienation within the sport experiences of hijabi athletes in Ontario
Jeemin Kim, Michael Godfrey, Mark Eys (Author)
Informal role structures influence athletes' perceptions of team cohesion, satisfaction, and intentions to return
Sara Kramers, Corliss Bean, Martin Camiré, Tanya Forneris (Author)
Positioning the coaching of life skills development and transfer on a continuum of intentionality
Ashley Kuchar (Author)
Insights into common athlete mistakes and the role of sport motivation on goal commitment
Heather K Larson, Bradley W Young, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Wendy M Rodgers (Author)
We think it's bad, but do we know what we're looking for? Moving toward a measure of early specialization in sport
Barbi Law, Brenda Bruner, Healthy BodiesHealthy Minds (Author)
Symposium presentation #2: Supporting teachers' ability to foster children's physical literacy
Sarah Lawrason, Jennifer Turnnidge, Luc Martin, Jean Côté (Author)
Assessing the effectiveness of a transformational coaching workshop for changing youth sport coaches' behaviours
Jordan S Lefebvre, Gordon A Bloom, Todd M Loughead (Author)
A citation network analysis of mentoring in sport
Dany MacDonald, Travis Saunders, Patricia Longmuir, Joel Barnes, Kevin Belanger, Jennifer Copeland, Angela Kolen, Luc Martin, Dwayne Sheehan, Sarah Woodruff, Mark Tremblay (Author)
Symposium presentaton #4: The relationship between age, gender, and physical measures with adequacy in and predilection for physical activity
Ellen MacPherson (Author)
Peer-to-peer bullying in sport
Kristi R MacWilliam, John K Gotwals, Paolo Sanzo, Leanne Smith (Author)
Perfectionism and rehabilitation overadherence among injured athletes
Matthew Marini, Philip Sullivan, Jack Sampson (Author)
The effect of different phases of interpersonal synchrony on cooperation
Alysha Matthews, Karl Erickson (Author)
Needs assessment for coaches of young children
Lindsay McCardle, Bradley W Young, Rafael AB Tedesqui, Joseph Baker (Author)
Training for the future? The relation between future time perspective and sport expertise
Matthew McCue, Srdjan Lemez, Joseph Baker, Nick Wattie (Author)
The developmental pathways of major league baseball players and their influence on career performance
Desmond McEwan, Mark Beauchamp (Author)
Better together? Examining correlates of teamwork in sport
Desmond McEwan (Author)
Teamwork training in sport: A pilot intervention study
Taylor McFadden, Corliss Bean, Michelle Fortier, Tanya Forneris (Author)
Structuring competitive youth sport programs: Understanding the relationships between program quality, psychological needs satisfaction, and mental health
Colin D McLaren, Kevin S Spink (Author)
Examining the relationship between individual and team level communication network structure and task cohesion and team performance across time
Colin D McLaren, Kevin S Spink (Author)
Who is "we"? Group prototype and cohesion in sport
Erica J McLean, Dr Lori Dithurbide (Author)
Exploring the correlation between role ambiguity and athlete sport satisfaction
Kathleen T Mellano, Alan L Smith (Author)
Peer relationship profiles and the association of perceived peer motivational climate with well-being in adolescent athletes
Amber Mosewich, Benjamin Sereda, Craig Chapman, Tanya Berry (Author)
Experiencing defeat in competition: Cognitive appraisal, stress, and emotion regulation in competitors high and low in self-compassion
Alexandra Mosher, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, Mellissa Wilson, Joseph Baker (Author)
A comparison of family sport participation patterns in early specializers and early diversifiers
Jessica Murphy, Phllip Sullivan, Mishka Blacker (Author)
Confirmatory factor analysis of the multicomponent mental health literacy measure with university student athletes and student trainers
Sandhya Mylabathula, Lynda Mainwaring, Doug Richards, Michael Hutchison, Angela Colantonio (Author)
An exploration of sport concussion recovery experience in university students
Sandhya Mylabathula, Lynda Mainwaring, Kaleigh Ferdinand Pennock, Benjamin Z Alavie (Author)
Subconcussive head impacts in sport: A systematic review of the evidence
Tharsheka Natkunam, Danielle Peers, Amy E Latimer-Cheung, Rebecca Bassett-Gunter* (Author)
Using a think aloud methodology to understand physical activity Internet search experiences and preferences of parents of children/youth with disabilities
Kacey Neely (Author)
Female athletes' experiences of positive growth following deselection in sport
Kacey C Neely, Colin J Deal, Tara-Leigh F McHuhgh, Amber D Mosewich, Nicholas L Holt (Author)
Coaches', parents', and peers' influence on the development and transfer of life skills learned through youth sport participation
Kacey C Neely, Colin J Deal, Amber D Mosewich, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Nicholas L Holt (Author)
Sport participation profiles of high-performance adolescent athletes: Initial and secondary sport sampling
Carl Nienhuis, Corliss Bean, Ernesto Peña, Jason Proulx (Author)
Coaches' perspectives of using the play better framework in youth sport
Olufemi Oluyedun, Alan Smith (Author)
Does impression motivation moderate the relationship between social constraints and sport commitment?
Roxy H O'Rourke, Dr Catherine Sabiston, Dr Tanya Scarapicchia (Author)
Flourishing and physical activity in university: Starting off on the right foot
Krystn Orr, F Virginia Wright, Kelly P Arbour-Nicitopoulos (Author)
The word around the watercooler: Coaches' perspectives of an inclusive physical literacy program for children and youth
Christine E Pacewicz, Alan L Smith (Author)
The team communication network and athlete burnout in adolescent softball players
Kyle Paradis, Laura Misener (Author)
Long-term athlete development for parasport athletes: Interpretations and considerations for parasport athlete development
Shruti Patelia, Joseph Baker (Author)
Sitting ducks: Exploring the role of sedentary behaviour on chronic disease prevalence in masters athletes and chess players
Annie Pietroniro, Joseph Baker, Srdjan Lemez, Nick Wattie (Author)
The influence of general cognitive training on sport-specific performance in wheelchair basketball
Scott Rathwell, Patrícia Gaion, Fernando Fernando Santos, Aryelle Caruzzo, Rhuan Lima, Vinicius Gobbi (Author)
A cross-cultural adaptation of the university sport experience survey
Scott Rathwell, Patrícia Gaion, Fernando Santos, Ana Trindade, Ruan Lima, Vinicius Gobbi (Author)
Brazilian university coaches' role in facilitating positive development through university sport
Scott Rathwell, Martin Camiré, Kelsey Kendellen, Stéphanie Turgeon (Author)
Coach-athlete relationship, basic psychological needs satisfaction, and life skills development in Canadian high school sport
Scott Rathwell (Author)
Coach-athlete relationship, basic psychological needs satisfaction, and life skills development in Canadian high school sport
Brianne Redquest, Pam Bryden, Paula Fletcher (Author)
Social and motor skills of children and youth with asd from the perspectives of caregivers
Brianne Redquest, Paula Fletcher, Pam Bryden (Author)
The association among imitation, social, and motor deficits in individuals with asd
Nathan A Reis, Kent C Kowalski, Amber D Mosewich, Leah J Ferguson (Author)
Men athletes' masculinity and relationships to self-compassion and fear of compassion for self
Madison Robertson, Christopher Hague, M Blair Evans, Luc J Martin (Author)
Do participant reporting practices in youth sport research adequately represent variability in sport contexts?
Benjamin Schellenberg, Patrick Gaudreau (Author)
How do passionate sports fans respond when good things happen? A look at savouring and dampening
Joerg Schorer, Irene Faber, Dirk Büsch, Nick Wattie, Joe Baker (Author)
Relative age effects in elite female team handball – between year effects change with policy adjustments
Majidullah Shaikh, Corliss Nicole Bean, Tanya Forneris (Author)
Training outcomes and program delivery: Pilot evaluation of a trauma-informed sport program
Kristy L Smith, Patricia L Weir (Author)
Advantage reversals and relative age: Does positive youth development play a role?
Ashley Stirling (Author)
A theoretical overview of maltreatment in sport
Rachael C Stone, Shane N Sweet, Marie-Josee Perrier, Tara MacDonald, Kathleen AMartin Ginis, Amy E Latimer-Cheung (Author)
Exploring stereotypes of athletes with a disability: Multiple mediation analyses using the stereotype content model
Vera Storm, Dominik Kruessmann, Bernd Strauss (Author)
"The probability that germany will win the FIFA World Cup 2022 is 46%": Team identification with the german national soccer team
Leisha Strachan (Author)
Symposium presentation #3: Physical literacy and coach education
Ben Sylvester, Isabelle Doré, Anika Gentile, Mathieu Bélanger, Catherine Sabiston (Author)
The effect of variety support on physical activity behaviour in adolescence: The mediating roles of perceived variety and basic psychological needs
Alexia Tam (Author)
Exploring sexual hazing practices as a form of sexual violence
Katherine Tamminen, Carolyn McEwen, Gretchen Kerr, Peter Donnelly (Author)
Examining the respect in sport parent program in minor hockey
Rafael AB Tedesqui, Lindsay McCardle, Lisa Bain, Joseph Baker, Bradley W Young (Author)
Examining the associations between grit, self-control and sport expertise: A replication study
Lisa R Trainor, Peter Crocker, Andrea Bundon, Leah Ferguson (Author)
Perceptions of psychological well-being during sport injury recovery: Experiences of seriously injured women athletes
Lauren Tristani, Jennifer R Tomasone, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, Rebecca Bassett-Gunter (Author)
"It's about having the right tools for the job": A qualitative examination of factors related to the uptake and adoption of inclusive physical education resources
Jennifer Turnnidge (Author)
The interpersonal behaviors of effective youth sport coach
Jennifer Turnnidge, Mark W Bruner, Jean Côté (Author)
Transformational coaching in action: An exploration of coaches' real-time leadership behaviours in youth sport
Nick Wattie, Lou Farah, Kaitlyn LaForge-Mackenzie, Joseph Baker (Author)
Exploring variations in community size effects in Canadian summer and winter olympians
Nick Wattie, Baileigh Sornberger, Jessica Fraser-Thomas (Author)
The influence of relative age on youths' developmental experiences in sport
Kelly Webdale, Joseph Baker, Jennifer Robertson-Wilson, Scott Leatherdale, Nick Wattie (Author)
Exploring the relationships between relative age, sport participation, education, and indicators of positive youth development
Colin M Wierts, Philip M Wilson, Diane E Mack (Author)
Motivational interviewing and university sport in canada: What do head coaches say?
Erin Willson (Author)
Effects of emotionally abusive coaching practices on athletes
Stuart Gardner Wilson, Joseph Baker (Author)
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Franklin henry young scientist award application - matthew stork
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