Vol. 51 No. 1 (2019): Proceedings of the SCAPPS 2019 Annual Conference
Proceedings of the SCAPPS 2019 Annual Conference

Psychomotor Learning Abstracts

Anthonia Aina, Jessica Sutton, Cheryl Glazebrook (Author)
The effects of endogenous auditory cue-target congruency on upper limb rapid goal-directed reaching
Brynn Alexander, Richard B Ivry, J Timothy Inglis, Romeo Chua (Author)
Improved discrimination of visual sensory prediction errors with tendon vibration
Naila Ayala, Matthew Heath, Lisa Fischer (Author)
Pupil size during an antisaccade task at acute and sub-acute stages of concussion recovery
Krystina Bianchi, Molly Brillinger, Dylan Harten, Jae Patterson (Author)
The impact of practice condition on the perception of target size
Jarrod Blinch, Callie DeWinne (Author)
Comparing measures of reaction time
Jean-Michel Bouchard, Erin Cressman (Author)
Bimanual transfer of visuomotor adaptation is driven by explicit adaptation
Jean-Michel Bouchard, Erin K Cressman (Author)
Bimanual transfer of visuomotor adaptation is driven by explicit adaptation
Sheryl Bourgaize, Melissa Lacasse, Erin Taylor, Michael Cinelli (Author)
Differences in perceptions of aperture crossing during a virtual reality choice reaction task according to the temporality of visual stimuli
Jacqueline Brillantes, Claire Tuckey, Jim Lyons (Author)
Exploring perception response to multisensory incompatibility effects
E Jean Buckler, Eli Puterman, Mark R Beauchamp, Guy Faulkner (Author)
Physical literacy in early childhood educators
Jessica Cappelletto, Jim Lyons (Author)
The effect of load magnitude on path choice in a decision-making task
Teresa R Chang, Nicole T Ong, Nicola J Hodges (Author)
Optimizing challenge through performance-contingent practice in dart-throwing
Zacharie Cheng-Boivin, Darrin O Wijeyaratnam, Richard David Bishouty, Romeo Chua, Erin K Cressman (Author)
Awareness governs the extent of visuomotor adaptation
Valentin A Crainic, Goran Perkic, Rachel Goodman, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Time's up: When is it too late to implement online limb-target regulation processes?
Anouk Jde Brouwer, Hannah M Brown, Miriam Spering (Author)
The hand leads the eyes when performing online movement corrections
Julia De Pieri, Caroline Dutil, Dana Maslovat, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Sleep characteristic scores can predict response latency on a simple reaction time task
Devanee Dewey, Steve Hansen (Author)
A step and a shift: Examining sensory-motor control of goal-directed aiming
Neil M Drummond, Ke Zeng, Robert Chen (Author)
Phase-amplitude-coupling in the cortico-basal ganglia network during response inhibition
Caroline Dutil, Julia De Pieri, Dana Maslovat, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Chronic short sleepers display slower reaction time, compared to adequate sleepers, but maintain an intact StartReact effect
Gregg Eschelmuller, Robyn L Mildren, Jean-Sébastien Blouin, Mark G Carpenter, J Timothy Inglis (Author)
Heteronymous muscle responses to noisy achilles tendon vibration during standing
Stevie Foglia, Jim Lyons (Author)
The effect of object affordances on motor action priming used in rapid balance recovery actions
Christopher Forgaard, David Yang, Tom Kanwischer, Dana Maslovat, Ian Franks, Timothy Inglis, Romeo Chua (Author)
The effect(s) of increased attentional demands on mechanical perturbation evoked responses
Rachel Goodman, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Evaluating age-related sensorimotor transformation differences when programming movements to somatosensory targets
Joëlle Hajj, Anthony N Carlsen, Caroline Dutil, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Voluntary action decreases spatial perception in central and peripheral vision
Raphaël Hamel (Author)
Temporally graded impairment of retention induced by prior learning of the same motor task
Sarvenaz Heirani Moghaddam, Romeo Chua, Erin K. Cressman (Author)
Explicit and implicit visuomotor adaptation differ based on the method of assessment
Rocio Hollman, John Luu, Sarah De Faye, Mark Carpenter (Author)
Eye-movement changes associated with a height-induced threat
Julia Hussien, Mariam Gerguis, Diane Ste-Marie (Author)
Canadian physiotherapists' self-reported attentional focus use for instructions and feedback in rehabilitation
Kyle J Johnson, Alexander M Watson, Craig D Tokuno, Mark G Carpenter, Allan L Adkin (Author)
Effects of distraction on threat-related changes in balance control
April Karlinsky, Elizabeth Cox, Joseph Manzone, Heather F Neyedli, Catherine M Sabiston, Timothy N Welsh (Author)
"I can't move in this": Clothing influences movement efficiency
Michael Kennefick, Sophia Furlan, Paul van Donkelaar, Brian Dalton (Author)
Vestibular-evoked balance responses in the upper limb during arm-supported balance
Michael King, Heather Barry, Kaitlin Mugford, Gal Ziv, Heather Carnahan (Author)
Mindfulness training and repeated cold exposure affects cold tolerance but not motor skill performance
Johannes Kurz, Mathias Reiser, Niko Troje, Jorn Munzert, rn Munzert (Author)
Predicting the action outcome of left- and right-footed penalties in a rep-resentative experimental setting in soccer
Natasha Lelievre, Laura St Germain, Diane M Ste-Marie (Author)
Video speed demonstration under mixed-modeling conditions does not influence learning of a novel motor skill
Tristan Loria, Joseph Manzone, Timothy N Welsh, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Visual orienting and multisensory perception: The role of cue frequency
Selina Malouka, Tristan Loria, Valentin Crainic, Michael Thaut, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Bimodal cueing can facilitate rhythmic training for sequential upper-limb movements
Gerome Aleandro Manson (Author)
Examining the sensorimotor integration processes prior to and during movements to somatosensory targets
Damian M Manzone, Tristan Loria, Hui Ting Zhang, Tremblay Luc (Author)
Is it the dominant or ipsilateral eye that contributes to online visuomotor control the most?
Damian M Manzone, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Investigating stationary limb localization using psychophysics: Beware of proprioceptive drift
Joseph Manzone, Saba Taravati, Heather Neyedli, Timothy Welsh (Author)
"He chose...poorly": Lack of optimal behaviour and choice preference when choosing between target-penalty configurations via a keypress
Maria TeresaSP Marques, Flavio Henrique Bastos, Ricardo Drews, Fernando Garbeloto Santos, Go Tani (Author)
Niyousha Mortaza, Cheryl M Glazebrook (Author)
Vibration for stimulating limb proprioceptors: Measurement, characteristics, and challenges
Emma I Nielsen, Taylor W Cleworth, Mark G Carpenter (Author)
Attenuation of the visual control of balance under virtual postural threat
Steven R Passmore, Quinn Malone, Brian MacNeil, Elizabeth Sanli, David Gonzalez (Author)
Visual perception modulates motor output of manual therapy thrust delivery
Shikha Patel, Rachel Goodman, Valentin Crainic, Welber Marinovic, Timothy Carroll, Timothy Welsh (Author)
Beep, aim, repeat: Movement repetition bias during sequential aiming movements
Aarohi Pathak, Kim Jovanov, Georgina Yeboah, Michael Nitsche, Ali Mazalek, Timothy Welsh (Author)
Rake-it-ball: Trying to measure tool-embodiment through a body-part compatibility task
Carrie M Peters, Cheryl M Glazebrook (Author)
Music and metronomes: Source and subjective enjoyability of rhythmic auditory stimuli impact movement performance
Victoria Rapos, Michael Cinelli (Author)
Manipulating sensory information: Obstacle clearance strategies between typically developing children and adults
Mark S Rice, Beth Rizzardo, Darren ER Warburton, Shannon SD Bredin (Author)
Developing skilled motor performance: A systematic review of perceptual skill training in children and youth
Camila Rios, Sara Scharoun Benson (Author)
Laterality in sport: Does sport-specific training impact everyday limb preference?
Karoline Rzyski, Emma I Nielsen, Martin Zaback, Minh J Luu, Mark G Carpenter (Author)
Postural and emotional changes following repeated exposure to standing at a virtual height
Christin M Sadler, Dana Maslovat, Erin K Cressman, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Investigating attentional demands of a continuous primary motor task using probe reaction time and measures of corticospinal excitability
Kishoree Sangarapillai, Ben Norman, Quincy Almeida (Author)
Evaluating specific motor symptom improvements with PD safex exercise rehabilitation
Kishoree Sangarapillai, Ben Norman, Bailee Cagnee, Quincy Almeida (Author)
Falls in Parkinson's disease: A proprioceptive or cognitive deficit?
shelley Dawn Sargent, Steven Passmore (Author)
Lower limb Fitts' task motor performance in patients with and without imaging evidence of unilateral lumbar nerve root compression
Felix-Antoine Savoie, Lauranne Dallaire-Jean, François Thénault, Kevin Whittingstall, Pierre-Michel Bernier (Author)
Single-pulse tms over the parietal cortex does not impair trial-by-trial adaptation
Margot E Schmidt, Robyn L Mildren, Gregg L Eschelmuller, Jean-Sébastien Blouin, Mark G Carpenter, J Timothy Inglis (Author)
Age-related changes in soleus ia reflex characteristics during quiet standing
Diksha Shukla, Matthew Heath, Zain Al-Shamil (Author)
A single-bout of aerobic exercise facilitates task-switching efficiency: Evidence using spatially compatible saccades
Victoria Smith, Christin Sadler, Dana Maslovat, Anthony, N Carlsen (Author)
Startle reflex activation is related to early response triggering and is indicative of an alternate response initiation pathway
Laura St. Germain, Olena Leshchysen, Allison Williams, Michael J Carter (Author)
Manipulating the characteristics of self-controlled feedback schedules
Vera Storm (Author)
Motor imagery intervention among post stroke patients: A study protocol
Ganesh Tailor, David Telles-Langdon, Cheryl M Glazebrook (Author)
Does contextual interference impact the retention of complex bimanual laparoscopic skills?
Saba Taravati, Aarohi Pathak, Shikha Patel, Tim Welsh (Author)
"Wiggle wiggle, little finger": The impact of eye movements on manual motor overflow during the imagination of a Fitts' aiming task
Benjamin Tari, Maryam Hamidi, Mohammed Fadel, Matthew Heath (Author)
Executive task-set inertia manifests via response suppression and not vector inversion
Faven Teku, Dana Maslovat, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Reticulospinal involvement in force production depends on effector and degree of force modulation
Megan L Trotman, Mathew IB Debenham, Liam C Stewart, Brian H Dalton (Author)
Mediolateral stability and vestibular control of balance: Do the feet care?
Edda van Meurs, Till Utesch, Dennis Dreiskämper (Author)
Longitudinal relationships and reciprocal effects of motor competence, physical fitness and executive functions in primary school-aged children
Basil Wahn, Laura Schmitz, Peter König, Günther Knoblich (Author)
Benefiting from being alike: Interindividual skill differences predict collective benefit in joint object control
Allison Williams, Laura St. Germain, Olena Leshchyshen, Michael J Carter (Author)
Error estimation abilities and self-controlled feedback schedules
Sheng K Wu, Ching-Hsiu Chiang, Tai-Fen Song, Ee-Won Liew, Wei-Ying Chen (Author)
Correlations between perceptual and motor performance tests in elite table tennis players
Zachary D Yantha, Caitlin Hodge, Jordan Hassin, Diane M Ste-Marie (Author)
The recommendation that learners be provided choice over feedback scheduling is challenged when a perceived coach-controlled group is added to the typical self-controlled learning paradigm
Emma Yoxon (Author)
Adaptation in the motor system following movement imagery training is related to motor system activation during movement imagery

Sport Psychology Abstracts

Margo EK Adam, Abimbola O Eke, Leah J Ferguson (Author)
An exploration of women athletes' self-compassion, sport performance perceptions, and well-being around an athlete-identified important competitive event
Veronica Allan, Nima Dehghansai, Ross A Pinder, Joe Baker (Author)
Influence of impairment type on the development of competitive athletes with a physical disability
Lisa Bain, Bradley W Young (Author)
A naturalistic case study of co-regulatory scaffolding with a mature coach-athlete dyad in figure skating
Alex Benson, Luc J Martin, Jordan Herbison, Richard Slatcher, Ian Boardley, Jordan Sutcliffe, Colin McLaren, Justin Carré, Jean Côté, Mark Bruner (Author)
The reinforcing nature of social identity-driven processes: Evidence using the ear methodology and a multilevel approach
Kyle Bezaire, Todd M Loughead, Krista J Munroe-Chandler (Author)
Athlete leadership development in youth hockey players
Daniel Bjaaen (Author)
Reciprocal relations between coach and athletes in female elite junior soccer: A shared reality perspective
Matthieu Boisvert, Todd Loughead, Krista Munroe-Chandler (Author)
The implementation of an athlete leadership development program with youth ice hockey players
Matt W Boulter, James Hardy, Ross Roberts (Author)
The more, the merrier: A conditional indirect effect approach to narcissism and team functioning
David Brown, Cameron Muir, Kimberley Gammage (Author)
Muscle up: Examining psychological responses to social-evaluative body image threat in male athletes and non-athletes
Denver M Brown, Zoe Poucher, Matt Myers, Jeffrey Graham, John Cairney (Author)
Sinister right-handedness provides Canadian-born major league baseball players with an offensive advantage: A further test of the hockey influence on batting hypothesis
Mark W Bruner, Luc J Martin, Jordan D Herbison, Richard Slatcher, Ian Boardley, Alex Benson, Colin McLaren, Jordan Sutcliffe, Justin Carré, Shawn Geniole, Jean Côté (Author)
Symposium overview abstract
Justin Carré, Shawn Geniole, Luc J Martin, Jordan D Herbison, Richard Slatcher, Ian Boardley, Alex Benson, Colin McLaren, Jordan Sutcliffe, Jean Côté, Mark W Bruner (Author)
Social identity and cortisol responses to competition in male competitive youth hockey players
Jordan Cascagnette, Alex J Benson, Tegan Cruwys, Alex Haslam, Mark Bruner (Author)
More than just another bib: Group dynamics in an elite nordic ski team
Jeffrey J Chamberlain, Alex J Benson, Craig R Hall (Author)
The relations between newcomer integration processes and youth athletes' perceptions of the group environment in competitive hockey
Ching-Hsiu Chiang, Ee-Won Liew, Tai-Fen Song, Wei-Ying Chen (Author)
Dynamic visual attention of elite table tennis players and boxers
Danielle L Cormier, John GH Dunn, Janice Causgrove Dunn, James L Rumbold (Author)
Grit and perfectionism in intercollegiate athletes
Colin J Deal, Helene Jørgensen, Nicholas L Holt (Author)
Defining contribution through sport using a scoping review method
Sarah Deck, Patil Swarali, Belfry Glen, Doherty Alison, Hall Craig, Schneider Angela (Author)
Psychological and social benefits of being a masters athlete
Tina DeRoo, Lori Dithurbide (Author)
Private instant message groups, cohesion and performance in sport: A mixed-methods case study
Motz Derrik, Rathwell Scott, Bradley W Young, Bettina Callary, Matt Hoffmann, Chelsea Currie (Author)
Preliminary criterion validity for the adult-oriented sport coaching survey: Associations with key psychosocial variables
Lori Dithurbide, Heather Neyedli (Author)
Trust in golf distance measuring devices in users
Leanne K Elliott, Meghann Lloyd (Author)
How do parents and families benefit when their child(ren) with autism participate in an early motor skill intervention?
Frank O Ely, Krista J Munroe-Chandler, Jenny O, Penny McCullagh (Author)
The practice of imagery: A review of 25 years of applied sport imagery recommendations
Georgia Ens, Dr Dave Paskevich (Author)
Prevalence and correlates of orthorexia nervosa in Canadian elite athletes
Lojain Farah, Nick Wattie, Joseph Baker, Dirk Büsch (Author)
The effect of distance to elite sport teams on talent development in German handball players
Leah J Ferguson, Keith T Carlson, Davis Rogers, Team Saskatchewan, Sask Sport Inc. (Author)
Moving towards reconciliation through sport: Sharing our process of exploring team saskatchewan experiences at the North American Indigenous Games
Danielle CS Fredriksen (Author)
Reciprocal relations between teacher and students in female elite junior ballet: A shared reality perspective
Morten Granerud (Author)
Reciprocal relations between coach and athletes in female elite junior swimming: A shared reality perspective
Nathan Hall (Author)
Imagining a way to assist physical educators
Meghan Harlow, Jessica Fraser-Thomas (Author)
Toddler and preschooler sport participation: Take-up, pathways, and patterns of engagement
Tyler S Harris, Alan L Smith (Author)
Do parasport athletes' normative perceptions of doping moderate the association of doping moral disengagement with anticipated guilt?
Lena Henning, Dennis Dreiskämper, Bernd Strauss (Author)
What a difference a grade makes? The relationship between the academic and non-academic self-concept, self-esteem, and grades in secondary school children
Jordan D Herbison, Luc J Martin, Richard Slatcher, Ian Boardley, Alex Benson, Jordan Sutcliffe, Colin McLaren, Justin Carré, Jean Côté, Mark W Bruner (Author)
The electronically activated recorder (ear): A novel approach for examining social environments in youth sport
Shannon Herrick, Alexandra Moisan, Lindsay Duncan (Author)
Interpersonal sporting relationships as experienced by LGBTQ+ athletes
David Hill, Drew Todd, Ming-Chang Tsai, Nicola J Hodges (Author)
Converting in the high performance pathway: An initial study of three year conversions
Katherine E Hirsch, Todd M Loughead (Author)
Examining the antecedents and outcomes of athlete leader fairness
Michael Jonathan Hood, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos (Author)
Using the RE-AIM framework to evaluate the impact of a sport for development program serving marginalized youth
Michael Jonathan Hood, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos (Author)
Searching for positive youth development: A scoping review of sport for development programs serving marginalized yout
Kelsey Kendellen (Author)
Applying in life the skills learned in sport: A grounded theory
Tara Joy Knibbe, Nick Wattie, Joseph Baker, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, Alexandra Mosher, Jennifer Leo (Author)
The academy for student athlete development: The evolution of a sport school model in Ontario
Aaron Koenigsberg, Jarred Pilgrim, Joseph Baker (Author)
'Generational differences in top ranked golfers' developmental trajectories'
Eleanor Langham-Walsh, Dior Anderson, Emily Dunn, Vicky Gottwald, James Hardy, Lew Hardy, Gavin Lawrence, Megan Lowery, Samuel Oliver, Ross Roberts, Tim Woodman (Author)
Initial steps in the validation of the athlete development formulation survey
Eleanor Langham-Walsh, Vicky Gottwald, James Hardy (Author)
Relative age effect? No "flipping" way: Exploring the relative age effect in elite, female gymnastics
Heather K Larson, Bradley W Young, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Wendy M Rodgers (Author)
Exploring theorized associations in two different competitive swimming contexts
Heather K Larson, Bradley W Young, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Wendy M Rodgers (Author)
Participation profiles of masters swimmers: Who are they, and how did they get here?
Amy E Latimer-Cheung, Kathryn Andrusko, Rac Stone, Alexander Lithopoulos (Author)
Paralympian for hire: Does the paralympian stereotype extend to a job selection scenario?
Barbi Law, Melanie Gregg (Author)
Imagery and modeling influences on team sport athletes' collective efficacy
Janet Alexis Lawson, Jennifer Davey, Jennifer Bruce, Joseph Baker, Amy Elizabeth Latimer-Cheung (Author)
Comparing the quality of experiences of athletes with a disability at two high-performance talent identification events
Srdjan Lemez (Author)
Who am I? A multidimensional approach to understanding career transition quality in former competitors
Tyler Makepeace, Bradley W Young (Author)
Exploring the pertinence of applied sport psychology in masters sport: A case study
Mitchell D McCaughan, Todd M Loughead (Author)
An investigation of the associations between personality and athlete leadership behaviours
Matthew McCue, Nick Wattie (Author)
Evaluating the acute influence of unrpresentative practice tasks on the gaze behaviour of elite baseball hitters
Cailie McGuire, Luc Martin, M Blair Evans (Author)
Identifying components of athletes' subgroup perceptions: A conceptual and qualitative approach
Colin McLaren, Ian Boardley, Luc J Martin, Jordan D Herbison, Richard Slatcher, Alex Benson, Jordan Sutcliffe, Justin Carré, Jean Côté, Mark W Bruner (Author)
Social network structure and moral behaviour: The mediating effect of social identity
Colin D McLaren, Kevin S Spink (Author)
Cooperative communication and individual attraction to the group: Examining the moderating effect of psychological climate
Colin D McLaren, Jordan Sutcliffe, Stewart A Vella, Mark W Bruner (Author)
Taking stock of positive youth development research in sport: A citation network analysis
Morgan Miller, Chantal Arpin-Cribbie, Burgandy Thiessen, Megan Bolt (Author)
Perfectionism in athletes and non-athletes: Effects on social physique anxiety and body satisfaction
Kirsten G Morrison (Author)
So you're a tough guy, eh?: Constructions of identities by competitive male ice hockey players
Amber D Mosewich, Benjamin J Sereda, Katie E Gunnell, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Klaudia M Sapieja, Robert Krepps, Nicholas L Holt (Author)
Self-compassion and motivational climate as promotive factors of resilience in youth athletes
Alexandra Mosher, Tara Joy Knibbe, Nick Wattie, Joseph Baker, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, Jennifer Leo (Author)
Evaluating psychosocial outcomes of students participating in a sport-school model
Derrik Motz, Scott Rathwell, J Paige Pope, Bettina Callary (Author)
The relationship between athletic identity and motivation in masters athletes
Alex Murata, Goldman Daniel, Jennifer Turnnidge, Luc Martin, Mark Bruner, Jean Côté (Author)
Sampling and athlete development in the youth sport context: A systematic review
Sandhya Mylabathula (Author)
An analysis of concussion comics
Autumn Nesdoly, Douglas Gleddie, Tara-Leigh McHugh (Author)
An exploration of Indigenous Peoples' perspectives of physical literacy
Nathania Ofori, Marika Warner, Jessica Fraser-Thomas (Author)
Exploring life skill development through coaching in emerging adults
Raimey Olthuis, John vander Kamp, Koen Lemmink, Simone Caljouw (Author)
The influence of verbalization on motor control
Kurtis Pankow (Author)
Mental skills development among National Hockey League players
Michael Panza, Scott Graupensperger, Jennifer Agans, Isabelle Doré, Stewart Vella, Blair Evans (Author)
Associations between adolescent organized sport participation and self-reported symptoms of anxiety and depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Melissa Paré, Jill Tracey (Author)
When words fail, pictures speak: A visual autoenthography of a female university student-athlete with post-concussion syndrome
Shruti Patelia, Amy Gayman, Joseph Baker (Author)
Exploring resiliency in young and old athletes
Brennan Petersen, Thierry Middleton, Robert Schinke (Author)
Developing a sense of belonging through sport: A meta-synthesis of qualitative research conducted with refugee sport participants
Brennan Petersen, Michelle Seanor, Robert Schinke (Author)
Catching the feeling of flying: Cultivating Olympic trampoline champions
Katharina Poeppel (Author)
Nobody wants liars in sports?! Doping perception and ideas for prevention in a school setting
Elizabeth Pritchard, Catherine Sabiston, Jenna Gilchrist, David Conroy, Peter Crocker (Author)
Fitness-related self-conscious emotions and sport motivation in adolescent females: Does perceived athletic competence moderate the effect
Shannon R Pynn, Helene Jørgensen, Hannah Schulte, Nicholas L Holt (Author)
The inner lives of indoor youth soccer parents
Charlotte Raue, Dennis Dreiskämper, Bernd Strauß (Author)
Do we agree that I take the ball? Developing a video-based measurement method for shared mental models in tennis doubles
Nathan A Reis, Kent C Kowalski, Amber D Mosewich, Leah J Ferguson (Author)
Exploring men athletes' self-compassion and representations of masculinity
Mark S Rice, Joe Baker, LeAnne Petherick, Darren ER Warburton, Shannon SD Bredin (Author)
The messaging of diversification-specialization within sport-specific long-term athlete development models
Shelby Rodden-Aubut, Melissa Paré, Scott Donald, Jill Tracey (Author)
Amping up athletes: Design and implementation of a mental skills program for varsity athletes
Camille Sabourin, Sara Kramers, Laura Martin, Jacob Dupuis-Latour, Martin Camiré (Author)
Creating culturally safe youth sport environments supporting Canadian newcomers' wellbeing
Benjamin Schellenberg, Patrick Gaudreau (Author)
An inch away from being mentally tough: Performance bias in ratings of mental toughness
Benjamin Schellenberg, Jérémie Verner-Filion, Patrick Gaudreau (Author)
How do passionate athletes "cope" with positive events? Relationships between passion, savouring, and dampening
Jörg Schorer (Author)
Talent prognosis is simple – what can we learn from decision-making research?
Benjamin J Sereda, Danae M Frentz, Amber D Mosewich (Author)
Shedding light on the stage: The training demands of competitive hip-hop dancers
Benjamin J Sereda, Nicholas L Holt, Amber D Mosewich (Author)
Unexpected, but not a surprise: How women varsity athletes high in self-compassion manage unexpected stressors surrounding competition
Majidullah Shaikh, Corliss Bean, Tanya Forneris (Author)
Community stakeholders' involvement in a train-the-trainer model to integrate trauma-informed sport programming in a national youth organization
Jessica DM Simpson, Krista J Munroe-Chandler, Kyle F Paradis (Author)
The relationship between passion and imagery use in youth competitive gymnastics
Leisha Strachan (Author)
No professional athlete is an island: A case study exploring personal and family experiences of transitions through an early NHL career
Jordan Sutcliffe, Alex Benson, Colin McLaren, Mark Bruner (Author)
Part of the team: Measuring parent social identity in youth sport
Jordan Sutcliffe, Jordan Herbison, Luc Martin, Richard Slatcher, Alex Benson, Rachel Van Woezik, Colin McLaren, Ian Boardley, Justin Carré, Jean Côté, Mark Bruner (Author)
The car ride to and from competition: Exploring parent-athlete interactions in competitive youth sport
Jordan Sutcliffe, Colin McLaren, Alex Benson, Steven Arnocky, Luc Martin, Chris Shields, Barbi Law, Mark Bruner (Author)
Exploring the relations between competitive youth sport parents' identity and moral intentions towards antisocial parent behaviour
Katherine Tamminen, Chad Danyluck, Ruochen Chen (Author)
Syncing to perform: A longitudinal case study of emotional and physiological synchrony in a team of male volleyball athletes
Rafael AB Tedesqui, Bradley W Young (Author)
Coaching athletes on the path to expertise: Strategies to foster conscientiousness, grit, and self-control
Rachel AVan Woezik, Alex J Benson, Mark W Bruner (Author)
Next one up! Exploring how coaches manage team dynamics following injury
Nick Wattie, Joseph Baker (Author)
Emerging topics in athlete development research
Nick Wattie, Jason Mergler (Author)
A comparison of male and female sport officials' developmental histories
Stuart G Wilson, Melissa Wilson, Joseph Baker (Author)
Exploring the relationship between parental sport experience and the accumulation of practice in athletes
Kelsey Wright, Tara-Leigh McHugh, Amber Mosewich (Author)
Recreational athletes' experiences of adversity
Yuto Yasuda, David Paskevich (Author)
Multicolinearity between team assessment diagnostic measure and youth sport environment questionnaire
Anna Zheng, Jenna Gilchrist, Catherine M Sabiston, Eva Pila (Author)
Identifying affective protective and risk factors associated with sport disengagement: A four-year retrospective follow-up
Chantelle Zimmer, Janice Causgrove Dunn (Author)
A motivational perspective of stress and coping in physical education for children at risk for developmental coordination disorder
Chantelle Zimmer, Janice Causgrove Dunn (Author)
Understanding the engagement of children with impairments in physical education: A review of research using self-determination theory

Exercise Psychology Abstracts

Kirina Angrish, Dr KimberleyL Gammage (Author)
Body image and physical activity over the course of a pregnancy
Stephanie Babij, Maeghan James, John Cairney (Author)
The impact of physical activity on externalizing behaviours in children with developmental coordination disorder
Meagan Barrett-Bernstein, Jenson Price, Amanda Wurz, Kristina Karvinen, Jennifer Brunet (Author)
Exploring health beliefs as predictors of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity behaviour in cancer survivors
Rebecca Leigh Bassett-Gunter, Kelly Angevaare, Jennifer Tomasone, Jennifer Leo, Benjamin Varughese, Jason Langvee, Katie Disimino, Kathleen Martin Ginis (Author)
A systematic scoping review: Resources targeting the training and education of health and recreation practitioners to support physical activity among people with physical disabilities
Kristy L Baxter, Rhyann C McKay, Teren Y Clarke, Christopher B McBride, Sheila Casemore, Karl T Erickson, Shane N Sweet, Emily E Giroux, Fabiana Lorencatto, Heather L Gainforth (Author)
Using dynamic systems methods to understand peer-mentorship conversations between people with spinal cord injury
Corliss Bean, Lois Hourston, Tineke Dineen, Mary Jung (Author)
You spoke, we listened (and acted): Continuing to support women with prediabetes in making behaviour changes post-intervention
L Jayne Beselt, Meghan H McDonough, Christine A Walsh, Sarah J Kenny (Author)
Experiences with social support among older adult women participating in gay square-dancing
Jocelyn E Blouin, Nancy C Gyurcsik, Susan M Tupper, Danielle R Brittain, Don Ratcliffe-Smith, Lawrence R Brawley, Miranda A Cary, Mackenzie G Marchant, Laurie-Ann M Hellsten, Bart E Arnold, Pamela Downe (Author)
Evaluation of chronic pain and physical activity training on providers' pain knowledge and self-efficacy
Kaila Bonnell, Emilie Michalovic, Jordan Koch, Véronique Pagé, Jean Ramsay, Heather L. Gainforth, Marie-Eve Lamontagne, Shane N. Sweet (Author)
Accessing adapted physical activity programs: It's larger than the programs
Denver Brown (Author)
Heart rate biofeedback attenuates effects of mental fatigue on exercise performance
Denver Brown, Dean Dudley, Dean Kriellaars, John Cairney (Author)
The role of physical literacy for mental health
Denver M Brown, Roxy O'Rourke, Kathleen AMartin Ginis, Kelly P Arbour-Nicitopoulos (Author)
Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity confers protective benefits for internalizing disorders among Canadian children and youth with disabilities
Jennifer Brunet, Meagan Barrett-Bernstein, Patrick Abi Nader, Kristina Karvinen (Author)
Knowledge of physical activity guidelines for the prevention of cancer: Potential implications for physical activity promotion
Rheanna Bulten, Denver Brown, John Cairney (Author)
Effects of sedentary behaviour on internalizing problems in children with and without motor coordination problems
Miranda Cary (Author)
Self-regulatory efficacy to overcome chronic pain and related barriers: A potential mediator of the psychological flexibility-physical activity relationship
Liam Collins, J Paige Pope (Author)
Why I choose to get off my butt: Older adults motives to reduce sedentary time from a self-determination theory perspectives
Kaela Cranston, Sean Locke, Jeffrey Graham, Mary Jung (Author)
Does planning more bite-sized exercise sessions lead to more bites of brownie? An experimental test of self-control performance
Kimberley Curtin, Tanya Berry, Gordon Walker (Author)
Older and more experienced: Examining mainland Chinese international students in Canada on social cognitive correlates of leisure time physical activity, acculturation, and mental health
Tineke Ellen Dineen, Sean Locke, Kaela Cranston, Mary Jung (Author)
Examining serial mediation of past physical activity and self-efficacy in a theory-based physical activity intervention
Miranda Dinwoodie, Sean Locke, Mary Jung, Kathleen Martin Ginis (Author)
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